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  1. Guppy Biting Off Tail Of Another Guppy. Apr 11, 2005. robal. Member. I have a 20 gallon tank for mild-mannered tropicals (and just recently started a 30 for semi-aggressives). I had a beautiful tequila sunrise guppy in my 20 gal. which was getting beaten up by 3 aggressive zebra danios (WHY?--question #1)
  2. Help! My guppies tail has been bitten off on the corner! I woke up this morning to feed my fish and I noticed the corner of his tail has been bitten off. I have attached a photo. I'm not sure who did it in the tank. I have 3 neon danios, 3 neon tetras, and 3 guppies. All seem to be very friendly. The only aggressive one I know of is one of my.
  3. It looks like the end of his tail has been bitten right off. This is a 10 gallon, he has two other male guppies as well as two (yes, I need more, getting them later today) harlequin rasboras for tankmates, and I have hard water- about 250 ppm. pH is 7.
  4. Parts of fin or tail of the Guppy may fall. Fins or tail look discolored. Clotted blood is seen in the edges of the fins
  5. Fin Rot / Tail Rot: Symptoms — Rotting fins or tails. The fish's fin and/or tail will look like it's torn, ragged or have white edged holes, red streaks or white edges. Sometimes the fins and tails might looks like it's stuck together. The Guppy fish will look like they're missing fins and/or tail
  6. If the tail is missing pieces or looks like it's stuck together, your guppy might be suffering from fin rot. Fin rot is a bacteria that can be found in tanks with poor water quality. In order to remove fin rot from a tank, you'll need to change the water and clean off all rocks, plants, and decorations. 3) A Guppy Struggling to Breath
  7. Answered 2006-01-27 04:28:20. Depending on how large of a section has been bitten off, the fish in question should be removed and put in a more shallow tank by itself for the tail to grow back,for.

I know this is old but thank you! My guppy did the same thing to my platy. I saw her do it too! Chased the poor female platy around and before I could get the net to stick her in my other tank she had bitten her tail. At first her tail just went clear then next day that part of her tail was gone Please help! Tail bitten off but no other fish. By RainbowTheBetta, 3 years ago on General Freshwater Questions. So this morning, I was going to feed Alpha (my blue Betta) And I saw his tail looked bitten off. This is weird because I only have snails and him in the aquarium. And 1 week ago I got 5 free snails and one of them died Guppies are an attractive, easy-to-keep tropical fish that can be a colorful addition to your aquarium. They can get a bit territorial, though, and when that happens your peaceful little guppies may end up taking bites out of each other's fins and tails, or perhaps fighting with your other fish. Step If the Guppy is healthy, eating well, and that is still at the prime of its lifespan, it will take only a few days for it to heal a minor injury such as a small nip or a tear in its tail fin. Give it about two to four days and you will see its fan back to what it was and with the same bright color that it had prior to when it was torn off Your guppy's tail most likely may have grown back depending on how damaged it was. Usually if there are nips, tears, or small pieces missing then with pristine water (correct ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, pH) and the fish is healthy and not too stressed, it will grow back

The danio's tail will likely grow back, but it may get a white fungus. If that happens, hold the fish in a net over some old newspapers or rags, and use a cotton swab to apply some methylene blue to the affected area. The stuff is very potent, so don't let much of it get into the aquarium When other fish bites a Guppy's tail, it has a chance that it will develop bacteria or a fungal infection. If any parts of a Guppy's tail are bitten off, it never grows back. Adding the wrong type of fish that isn't compatible tank mates with Guppies will no doubt add inevitable stress to your Guppy fish's health What you describe is a guppy that has bitten off more than it can chew. I doubt it was a fry as they are pretty small and apparently easy to munch on (unless being really gravid is compressing her throat/stomach). They'll spit out things they find that are too big, unless they really like them, in which case what you saw is the standard behavior Melafix works great for nipped fins too. It depends how far back the zebra nipped the fins. If there's fin left they will grow back but IMO a badly nipped guppy tail won't grow back to it's original beauty. I got a deal on minnows at Big Als and didn't watch what the guy put in the bag

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One of my guppies has had a piece bitten off the tail by another fish will if grow back? ANSWER 0 busy bee ANSWERS: 2. fannymanson. It will grow back over time. But if you notice the other fish is aggressive towards the guppies, you might have to separate them to keep them alive.. Treat injured fish with a fin rot solution to heal nipped fins and prevent infection. Open wounds attract bacteria and can quickly turn into a case of fin rot when fish are stressed. If an aggressive fish is chasing a passive fish and nipping at its tail constantly, it will become stressed. Even when the nippy fish is removed, the bullied fish. What Is Tail Biting? Pretty self-explanatory, tail biting is when your betta begins ripping off parts off his own tail. It often happens in bettas with tails that are longer. However, any type of betta can tail bite

Guppy Genetics : When you put your male guppy genetics with your chosen female there will be one gene from the male and one from the female that will combine together that will create both the traits that you can see and those that you cannot see in the fry. In some cases, it is only the combination of one gene that sets the traits I have 5 young (2) synodontis in a 40gal L. One guppy is gone and one has had his tail bitten off. It happened at night. My Synos are nocturnal. Little Stubby (new name) is fine and now in hospital tank. I'm now feeding catfish before going to bed. Mollies, Kitty Tetras, a Betta and Dwarf.. The guppy's anal fin is situated under the fish and is the littler balance directly before the tail blade. A male guppy will have an anal fin that is long and tight, with a marginally pointed end. He will utilize his anal fin to transfer sperm into the female. 3) Growth Rate Guppy fish. Guppies are small freshwater fish of the family Poeciliidae. Guppies are often kept as pets in aquariums. The name guppy is a colloquial term and seems to have been coined in the early 1800s by American ichthyologist Dr. Theodore Gill for informal use among his students at Harvard University, derived from the appearance of these fish's eyes

Koi Guppy Summary Care Guide. Care Guide Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata Common Names: Guppy, Fancy Tail Guppy, Millions Fish, Rainbow Fish Color: Red, Orange, White, Light-Yellow Guppy Care Level: Easy, suitable for freshwater aquarium fish beginners. Size: 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) pH: 7 - 8 Temperature: 66°F - 84°F (19°C - 29°C) Water Hardness: 10° to 20° dH I read that guppies can grow their tail back, but you need to keep your water very clean by doing frequent water changes. It is also important to keep the fish's slime coat healthy, because that is their first defense against parasites, bacteria and other infections. Fish stores carry products that promise to help with the slime coat

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  1. One of my yellow guppies is missing part of is tail it looks like it has been bitten, behaviour seems normal although my orange guppy seems to be hanging around it alot more. I dont know the sex of my fish sorry. This is my first tank. Volume and Frequency of water changes: 30% water change every couple of week
  2. Guppy disintegrating right before me eyes!! I got a really pretty blue male guppy with a glorious long tail yesterday. He was kind of shy in my tank at first, but seemed fine, everyone was getting along. This morning I noticed that along the top and bottom of his tailfin, from the end to about halfway up, was gray
  3. g with it's tail very low down and seems to sink a lot. It also seems to gave gone a bit paler in colour (it was yellow and pearly and now just very pale). The guppy's tail also seems to be very tatty recently (as does the other yellow guppy, but he seems fine) and I don't.
  4. Respect the Airplane, Or the Guppy Will Bite You! Michael Robinson is the newest Flight Engineer aboard NASA's Super Guppy transport, the bulbous amalgam of 1940's aviation technology, 1960's entrepreneurial spirit, and Airbus Industries' 1970's answer for moving large airplane parts around Europe. NASA displayed the sole airworthy.
  5. Sometimes even peaceful fish The Guppy fish will look like they're like Guppies might display an aggressive missing fins and/or tail. behavior in an overcrowded tank. Cause — It is usually caused by bacteria Clean water quality will also help prevent that have infected a bullied fish's fins and future infections
  6. Adding some salt should be a good remedy and usually the desired salt concentration should be about 0.5%. This will help to prevent infection and at the same time provide a tonic to the fish to assist them so that the wound will heal faster. Sometimes depending on how bad the condition is on shredded and torn fins, you should not make a hasty.
  7. Guppy Genetics : When you put your male guppy genetics with your chosen female there will be one gene from the male and one from the female that will combine together that will create both the traits that you can see and those that you cannot see in the fry. In some cases, it is only the combination of one gene that sets the traits

The tail appears to be intact with no apparent damage. It was then we made our decision to try to save the Guppy. Our major concern was whether or not the tail section would be able to stand the severe buffeting and vibration long enough to get us down. Loss of the tail would cause the aircraft to tumble and would make bailout impossible My betta, Ratchet, has had his tail bitten almost completely off 2 different times. Once when we first got him and another time a day ago. It happened overnight. He is in a 20 gallon high with 4 guppies and 2 striped raphael catfish. Who do you think keeps biting his tail This is a very important stage in the guppy life cycle in which the best water and food must be supplied to them. Feed the juvenile guppies with brine shrimp, high quality fish flakes, blood worms, spirulina, beef hart, and plankton pellets. The length of juvenile guppies is from ¼ in to ¾ in, or 1.2 cm to 2 cm Within 2 hours this mosquito fish had managed to take chunks out of everyone's tails and almost bite off the tail of one of my fry completely. Mikey, the heart shaped tail guppy (minus the chewed out spot) is loving life with his new tank mates. Can't wait to see if we can reproduce his tail. Creature Fish Fanatic

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2. Check the shape of the guppy's tail fin. The guppy's tail fin, or the caudal, can help you determine the sex of the guppy. Male guppies have wide, long caudal fins that are often brightly colored, with elaborate patterns. Female guppies will have shorter caudal fins that are not as wide and long as the males Years ago, when I bred and raised both guppies and a variety of other live-bearers (platys, swordtails, Mollies, etc.), I rather enjoyed working inside the tanks, adjusting hardware, moving/replacing live plants, siphoning detritus, and so on. Whe..

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  1. I went to her fish place to purchase a few new fish and fell in love with a chocolate ghost knife. <A beautiful and intelligent species> The owner of the shop assured me he would be fine with my mollies (5), guppies(6), Platies(2), Cory cats(2), red tail shark(1), silver stripe shark(1), leopard algae eater(1),and Neons(4)
  2. ‎Have a tail-wagging good time with Bubble Puppy in these 4 swim-sational stories! A magic bone leads to an epic adventure in the Temple of the Lost Puppy! Plus, the Guppies team up to build Bubble Puppy's dream doghouse, recover his favorite treats, and more
  3. Guppy's Tail no longer has a chance to increase chest drops. Lucky Foot is now removed from all pools when playing on a set seed. Lucky Toe, Ace of Spades, Safety Cap, Match Stick, Child's Heart, Rusted Key, Daemon's Tail, and Watch Battery are now removed from the trinket pool when playing on a set seed
  4. Efficacy of a commercial formulation of attractive toxic sugar bait (ATSB) against Aedes albopictu
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  6. HELP!! my guppies tails been chewed off. because any fish no matter how peaceful they are will make a target of the Guppy's tail. The best thing to do, since you have Guppies with other livebearers, is to heavily plant the tank with floating plants. This will give the bullied fish a place to hide
  7. This'll give them some security for the first few critical weeks.> Since then the fish seem to be doing okay except the smaller guppy Chip. She's often chased by Fish and seems to have had most of her tail bitten off, and what's left is blood streaked. <Right, now you need to treat with anti-fungus medication AT ONCE

Is fighting when a guppies throws its tail about at other guppies? It is not fighting. It is competition. What does it mean when a dog's tail is drooping? It means its sad or scared of you Fin nipping is a common problem. Usually, it happens because you have a territorial or aggressive fish. It's hard to give an exact reason without knowing any details about your setup or the species of fish you have. It could be that the offender i.. Starting from these three, they should be provided with 4 gallons of water and for any additional guppies, you should stick to the 1:1 ratio rule, which is at least one gallon of water per guppy. For instance: 4 gallons of water for 3 guppies. 6 gallons of water for 6 guppies. 9 gallons of water for 9 guppies and so on

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  1. Orange spots on a Yellow Tail Guppy. RMF's turn 3/9/10 This fish had a completely yellow tail. The orange spots have depth and appear gritty like sand paper. The tank is 1 month old but I had the water tested and pH 7.2, no nitrates/nitrites and they said everything else looked good. The fish is fine otherwise
  2. Experience Level: Beginner — Easy to care for, very hardy and undemanding. Easy to breed. Appearance: Small and elongated fish. Females are bigger than males. Males are more colorful and slender. Size: Males grows up to 1-1/8 inches (3 cm), Females grows up to 2-1/8 inches (6 cm). Water Condition: pH 5.5-8.5; 15-40°dH Temperature: 75-79°F (24-26°C) Tank Region: Swims in the middle and.
  3. There are no breed, sex, or age predispositions for developing tail trauma, although outdoor cats have a higher risk for experiencing tail trauma than indoor cats do. Compare Pet Insurance & Wellness Plans. Save up to $273 per year. Compare plans. Tail Trauma Average Cost. From 517 quotes ranging from $100 - $800

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Guppy Facts by Mary Jane. Posted on November 22, 2011 by Igor Dusanic. The guppy is named after the Rev. J.L. Guppy of Trinidad, an early collector of the species from the late 1800's. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are placed in the family as mollies and mosquitofish. Natural habitat The wild, original guppy is It is acceptable to keep only male in the tank, if you don't need any offspring. Though tank water temperature range for keeping guppy is quite wide (allowable range is 73-82°F (+23—28°C), the fish survives in the range from +14°C to +33°C), you should keep the temperature stable 72-79°F (22 - 26 °C) 0. Sep 5, 2006. #1. Ever since I removed my dwarf gourami the 3 male guppies look like they are trying to bite each other. They put their mouths at the sides of the other guppy. I had to treat the gourami, so the whole tank got medicated. I am currently getting rid of the medication with a poly filter and wcs On average a guppy will get to be about 2 inches long. If you follow the rule of thumb on stocking your guppy tank, you need 1 gallon of water per inch of fish. So one adult guppy will need at least two gallons of water to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. Guppies do better when there are at least three of them in a tank Male and female Guppies have this same difference in their fins. Once a female Guppy is pregnant, she can release babies about once a month for up to six months without a male in the aquarium. So your Guppy females may continue to release babies, even if you don't have a male Guppy now

The Guppy can be found in the small tank in the bottom-left of the aquarium, with other tiny fish in City Folk. In New Leaf Guppies are tropical fish that are related to killifish and live in warm rivers. They are popular fish that have been bred to have beautiful flowing tail fins Blu-Guppy a 96 KFM3 Sailplane. The wing is cut as one piece plus the KFM strips. I added a stripe of reinforced tape to the front at the leading edge, and then folded the top over. The spar was glued to the inner panel of the wing with pu glue, the top folded over and the assembly was weighted down with containers of lead shot Low or long term stress is stress that is minimal, however, occurs constantly. In a low, long term stress environment your betta will be constantly trying to adapt. This will weaken his immune system and health which slowly begin to deteriorate. If a betta is stressed for long amounts of time it will exhaust itself until death

1. Feed your baby guppies every 2-3 hours for the first 6 weeks. They need to eat 5-6 times a day when they're very small. After the first 6 weeks, it's okay to decrease your feedings to every 4-5 hours, which will be 3-4 times per day. It's best to give your guppies a mixture of fresh and dry food, if you can Updated 10/27/17. GUPPIES; *Size: females 1.5 -2.25 inches (4-6 cm.) males 1- 1.5 inches (2½-3½ cm.) *Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata Family- Live Bearer *Natural Habitat: Wild Guppies originate from Venezuela, Barbados, Brazil, Guyana, Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad, Tobago, and the Virgin Islands. *Description: Many Variations, with males generally displaying more color and longer fins

Not all puppies necessarily bite their tails as a form of play. Some pups may be actually chasing and gnawing on their tails because of a local irritation. Allergies, bug bites and small cuts are common culprits, so if your pup is stuck in an itchy situation, inspect his tail. Look for any cuts, sores, crusts, pus, unusual smells and local redness While the C-5 Galaxy ( also a badass plane) can carry four times more weight at over 200,000 lbs., the Super Guppy wins by volume. Its payload bay is 25-feet high, 25-feet wide, and 111-feet long. That gives the Super Guppy a whopping 39,000 cubic feet of usable space, compared to the C-5's 35,000. While the C-5 may be the go-to carrier for. Season 1. Call a Clambulance! Error: please try again. When Oona's friend Avi breaks a bone in his tail, he needs to visit the doctor. The Bubble Guppies aren't too worried - after they learn that it's a doctor's job to make everyone feel better. The Crayon Prix! Error: please try again. Green means GO Our plane was the first of only four Super Guppy Turbines built and originally held the registration N211AS. In 1971, after being sold to Airbus Industrie, she was registered as F-BTGV. F-BTGV was retired in June 1996 after being replaced by the Airbus Beluga and stored at Bruntingthorpe Airfield & Proving Ground in the UK. MotoArt was able to preserve the colorful skin of this historic.

Look for colorful fish with wider, longer tail fins. These are clear sexual characteristics of a male guppy. Females are less colorful, but larger in size. At the same time that male fish start developing vivid colors on their tail and abdomen, the female guppy fish might develop a gravid spot on her belly. - Separate Fry By Their Siz Tamed Waters. 2.1K views · June 28. 0:18. It is known all across the USA that our bettas are some of the highest quality bettas available in the country. If you're looking for a show piece halfmoon betta (or other types) this is a great weekend to stop in. We are open until 5pm tonight. 1-5pm tomorrow Guppies can grow up to three inches long, and unlike Bettas, female Guppies are larger than males. The prominent physical feature of the Guppy is its tail, which is in flag, lace, lyre, or veil shaped. In the wild, the guppies can live about 1 - 3 years, whereas they can live as long as five years in captivity. Reproductio The injured tail is extremely prone to infection, and especially so being the result of a fish bite. Fish carry bacteria that can make turtles sick. While the turtle is small, the fish are probably going to continue to bite his tail and possibly his feet, too 1 Personality 2 Emotions 3 Skills 3.1 Singing 3.2 Dancing 3.3 Music 3.4 Reactions 3.5 Sports 4 Looks 5 Relationships 5.1 Gil (Best/Close Friend) 5.2 Goby (Good Friend) 5.3 Deema (Best Friend) 5.4 Oona (Close Friend) 5.5 Nonny (Good Friend) 5.6 Zooli 5.7 Bubble Puppy 5.8 Mr. Grouper 5.9 Buddy 5.10 Mia 5.11 Stylee 6 Appearances Molly is the bubbly leader of the Bubble Guppies along with Gil.

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13 Guppy Tank Mates. Guppy tank mates are certainly a possibility, without a doubt. Guppies are very calm and sociable, so it's the other fish that you choose that you need to worry about. Guppies love being in groups, so make sure to get a few guppies, rather than just one. They don't need to be in schools, a small group will be good enough The Ben Hur of children's programming, Bubble Guppies is quintessentially the best thing on TV. Further, having the ability to stream Bubble Guppies on my smart phone on demand has proven life saving on multiple car rides and near-meltdown situations Mermaids and Mermen are born through these shells. Every mate in the kingdom would start off growing these tiny clams until they're big enough to open up and for little guppies to be born. However, the clams only glimmer when the time is right. The love and bond of the mates had fully blossomed. The guppy will be born after 9 days Unique Guppy stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artist..

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Najas is an ideal option for any planted or aquascaped habitat, but is especially favored for breeding set-ups and shrimp tanks. It was originally a favorite of guppy breeders, hence the nickname guppy grass, but it's rapid growth, easy propagation and fine texture also makes it a desirable background plant for community tanks Season 1. Bubble Guppies. S1:E 14 Bubble Bites. TV-Y | Apr 16, 2018 | 23m. Bubble Bites: Glide through the aisles of the supermarket with the Bubble Guppies as they shop for fruits, vegetables and the last box of Bubble Bites for Bubble Puppy! Start your 7-day free trial Learn more Getting a 75 Gallon tank in a couple of months, and I want to stock some species I kept before in other tanks, and some new additions. My dream team

High quality Guppy inspired Pillows & Cushions by independent artists and designers from around the world.All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours guppies? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. S. shemetz · Registered. Joined Feb 25, 2010 · 172 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 15, 2010. Guppies enjoy a well-planted tank with lots of rocks, substrate, and live plants. Choose a black substrate that will show-off the bright colors of your betta and guppies, as well as highlighting the bright green of your collection of live plants. Be sure to include hiding places for your fish 10. Rate. 0. Error: please try again. When Oona's friend Avi breaks a bone in his tail, he needs to visit the doctor. The Bubble Guppies aren't too worried - after they learn that it's a doctor's job to make everyone feel better. S1, Ep2. 25 Jan. 2011. The Crayon Prix Close observation showed that one of the guppies had part of its (it because of our uncertainty as to gender) tail bitten off, and sometime during that same night, somebody's cannibalistic.

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1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Songs 4 Trivia 5 Story When Deema's nasty sister, Olivia, tries to have Bubble Puppy put to sleep, Molly takes Bubble Puppy to run away. A cyclone appears and carries her to the magical land of a kingdom. Wishing to return, she begins to travel to the Emerald Palace where a great wizard lives. On her way she meets a Scarecrow who needs a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart. 2018. $5.99. View in iTunes. $5.99. View in iTunes. Description. Have a tail-wagging good time with Bubble Puppy in these 4 swim-sational stories! A magic bone leads to an epic adventure in the Temple of the Lost Puppy! Plus, the Guppies team up to build Bubble Puppy's dream doghouse, recover his favorite treats, and more Tasty Tail Thank you very much for being so helpful with my last question! <You bet!> Unfortunately I now have a new one. Last night I discovered one of my platies had had about a third of his tail bitten off