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Distinctive, tropical-looking & evergreen Iris confusa 'Chengdu' is a great choice! Forming dense clumps of strappy rich green leaves held in fans & topped for several months in Spring with exquisite, vanilla scented 2 1/2 ornately marked lavender blooms. Glamorous multi branched stems hold up to 75 flowers at a time looking much like. A crested Iris from China. Has fans of light-mid green, glossy, broad, sword like leaves borne on bamboo like stems which eventually lie flat and root. Bears white with yellow or blue markings, flattened, yellow crested instead of bearded flowers. Each flower stem can hold many flowers which bloom in succession. Flowers April-June

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  1. Adenophora is a member of the Campanula family, with about 40 species whose blue flowers are hard to tell from Campanulas unless you are a botanist. By far the best is our old friend, A. confusa, or Ladybells, a lovely plant whose 36-40in stems bear rows of large, purplish blue flowers in July and August. This is an excellent blue with no.
  2. Nada Crested Iris is considered to be a hybrid of the Bamboo Iris, Iris confusa, and the Japanese Roof Iris, Iris japonica, created by J.N. Giridlian produced in 1936. It has long been a favorite in California and Southern gardens since its introduction for its durability and reliability. Grows To: 12-18''H and spreading
  3. Iris (EYE-ris) ( Info) Species: confusa (kon-FEW-suh) ( Info) Cultivar: Chengdu. » View all varieties of Iris. One vendor has this plant for sale. One member has or wants this plant for trade
  4. Our Irises Irises are a particular passion for us at Woottens. We grow over 3 acres of Bearded Iris, Iris sibirica and Iris spuria as well as over 30 other species in pots. Michael Loftus began his collection of Bearded Iris over 20 years ago with many modern introductions including fabulous creations from Schreiners Nursery in Oregon but also a rare collection of historic varieties
  5. Iris confusa: bamboo iris, 扁竹蘭 As the fig, olive and bay have matured, our seaside garden has become partly shaded. Where once plants basked in full sun, there are now spots that remain in cool shadow for most of the day. Having fought against the prevailing conditions for a few seasons, I have seen sens
  6. Regular Price AU$60.00 Sale Price AU$50.00. Quick View. Evansia Iris confusa 'Bamboo Iris' Price AU$4.00. Quick View. Siberian iris 'Ausable River' Price AU$10.00. Quick View. H. 'Pojo' Out of stock. ONE LOT Quick View. Iris virginica 'Slightly Daft' Regular Price AU$60.00 Sale Price AU$50.00. Quick View
  7. Growing exotic jungle-like garden plants is fun but can be challenging. We supply a variety of hardy and half-hardy plants for a jungle effect and are honest about their requirements. We aim to specialise in bananas, gingers and aroids but also stock other hardy exotics and tender plants. Our business is largely by mail order

Iris confusa 'Martyn Rix'. £5.00. 1x Iris confusa 'Martyn Rix' supplied growing in a 9cm pot. Iris confusa, the Stalked Iris or Bamboo Iris, is a highly unusual and desirable plant. Making attractive clumps of classic Iris sword-shaped leaves topped with stunningly intricate pale blue flowers in spring and early summer Where to buy Iris confusa plants & price comparison. Photos of Iris confusa plants in real gardens. You can see all the Iris plants and Iris seeds and bulbs for sale in our garden centre which lists products from over 25 popular websites. Iris Ensata £8.50 at Burncoose . Iris.

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  1. Iris confusa a.k.a. Bamboo Iris - one of my absolute Top Ten garden picks for spring! Posted on May 10, 2013 by annamadeit And almost any other time as well, for that matte
  2. (aka: Iris japonica EDHCH 97241) Iris japonica 'Porcelain Maiden' is an Eric Hammond collection of Iris japonica from near Baoxing in Sichuan, China, which was subsequently introduced in 2000 by Heronswood Nursery as Iris confusa. Dan agreed with our name of Iris 'Porcelain Maiden' for this wonderful clone. Like all Iris japonica, Iris.
  3. g to us from the upper elevation East African rain forests, (it is endemic to Ethiopia to southern Tanzania and can be found on Mt. Kenya as high as 8,000 ft) tinctoria is a bit rare and will astound you with its 3.
  4. An awesome - and i don't use this word lightly - hardy Impatiens from Africa. John Grimshaw in the UK speaks highly of this species. To 6' tall in morning sun or light shade with awesome (there i go again) 3 wide flat-faced white flower
  5. Tanacetum is a genus of around 160 species, many of which have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes to treat migranes and menstrual problems. The chemical compounds in tanacetum are very toxic, even in low doses, making them problematic to take internally. The leaves, when applied in a poultice to the skin, treat bites and stings and repel insects

2743 Iris confusa carries small sky blue flowers, quite flat, like a 6-pointed star. price 4E carrying in bare roots 5E letter followed Port other country 14E in bare roots export followe Also known as The English Iris, Iris latifolia, Iris xiphiodes and Iris anglica, it is a common and attractive iris of the Pyrenees and Northwestern Spain. The leaves are stiff and sword-shaped and are approximately 60 cm long. In the wild, leaves begin growth in early spring, before the snow has entirely melted.. The Moso Bamboo plant originated from China, and other far eastern countries. Generally, Moso is a moderate grower for the first few years, while establishing its root mass, then it will rapidly begin to grow in all directions and reach up to 60 feet tall! The diameter of the bamboo is equally impressive, able to expand to 5-7 inches Iris confusa 'Chengdu' Bamboo Iris For those of you with shady sideyards, let us introduce you to easy-going, shade-loving, virtually indestructible Bamboo Iris. Bold, evergreen foliage and zillions of pale blue orchid-like blooms beguile! Drought and deer resistant, not fussy about soil

Details about Iris Confusa 20 seeds. Iris Confusa 20 seeds. Item information. Condition:--not specifie Iris tuberosa. aka Hermodactylis tuberosus, Black Iris, Snake's Head, Snake's Head Iris, Velvet Flower-de-Luce, Widow Iris. Iris domestica. aka Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily, Chinese Ixea, Leopard Flower, Leopard Lily. Iris cristata Iris confusa grow and care - geophyte of the genus iris also known as Bamboo iris, Iris confusa perennial evergreen plant used as ornamental plant, can grow in mediterranean, subtropics, temperate climate or as houseplant and growing in hardiness zone 9-10.. Leaves grow in a sword-shaped, top of the leaves biased toward mostly bend to down; leaves grow in groups linked together Iris confusa is said to be tender, but I picked up a plant last summer, attracted by the handsome foliage, put it in a pot filled with ericaceous compost and it came through last winter completely.

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Plant Sale 2020 Taxon Name Common Name Abelia 'SMNAMDS' SWEET EMOTION® SWEET EMOTION Fragrant Pink Abelia Acanthus spinosus Bear's Breeches Iris 'Black Gamecock' Iris Iris confusa Bamboo Iris Iris dichotoma Vesper Iris Iris domestica 'Freckle Face' Blackberry Lil Hardy and shade tolerant.. Fan-like evergreen leaves, blue orchid-like flowers from April to June. Eventual ht 85cm/2.5'. Sold in 9cm pots. POSTAL RATES: (UK MAINLAND ONLY) 1 plant £4.50, 2 plants £7.00, 3 plants £9.50, 4-48 plants (courier rates apply) £12.00, 49-100 plants £35.00, Postal orders are accepted payable to Westcountry. IRIS SEEDS. Seeds available to Tasmania, West Australia and WORLDWIDE. NOTE: Seeds will not grow exactly true to it's parents. AVAILABLE MARCH - JULY 2018 Thank You

Iris lortetii (also known as Lortet's iris or in Israel as the Samarian iris) is a species in the genus Iris.It has straight grey-green leaves, a 30-50 cm tall stem, and large showy flowers in late spring or mid-summer that come in shades of pink, from white, lilac, pale lavender and grey-purple Choose from Over 32 of the Freshest Iris Bulb Varieties. Plant Iris Bulbs in Fall. Shop Online Now & Save Iris confusa. Specializing in rare and unusual annual and perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms and hard to find California native wildflowers. Saved by Louise Christian. 856. Moon Garden Dream Garden Garden Bar Shade Garden Garden Plants Beautiful Gardens Beautiful Flowers Hanging Succulents Woodland Garden Slow-growing spiderwort with soft, foliage golden -- more golden in bright light and more chartreuse in shady conditions -- and stunning, deep, iris-blue flowers, an amazing contrast over a long season. To 18 tall in clumps as wide. Can be cut back in summer to refresh and rehsape. Sun for best color or part shade with regular summer water

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Sweetly scented, Sarcococca confusa (Sweet Box) is a terrific, winter-flowering, evergreen shrub rich of many qualities. Announcing their presence with their incredible, sweet vanilla fragrance, tiny ivory-white flowers appear in late winter to early spring, somewhat hidden among the dense foliage of glossy, slightly rippled, dark green leaves. The flowers give way to lovely, shiny fruits. I will probably be donating a few to the June 2/3,2001 Cal Hort Sale at Lake Merrit Garden Center, but would expect them to sell out the first preview night. For nurseries for the other plants, Rosendales, Suncrest, San Marcos Growers, Monterey Bay Nursery and Gary Hammer of Desert to Jungle are some of my favorites Iris ensata Variegata, Japanese Iris Fabulous foliage and flowers. All Plants A-Z , Best Perennial Plants for St. Louis Missouri Area , Cut Flower Garden , Deer Resistant Plants , New and Exciting for 2021 , Offered In-House Only , Perennials , Plant Guides-There's A Plant For That , Rabbit Resistant Plants , Sun Plants for St Louis Missouri. If you are looking to add instant green to your landscape, you can choose from a large variety of irises. Iris confusa, also know as bamboo iris, grows in clumps and will fill a large blank spot. Keeping It Green Nursery is a specialty mail order and retail nursery that propagates and grows a diverse range of rare and exceptional plants for both the avid plant collector and the interested gardener. For more than 15 years we have been offering a selection of: We're a family-owned nursery, located in the Pacific Northwest

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Perennials for sale . Iris pseudoacorus var.bastardii Iris innominata Broadleigh Rose Iris louisiana Black Gamecock Iris confusa Martyn Rix Iris ensata Jupiter Iris ensata Waka-murasaki Iris chrysographes Iris fulva Iris graminea Iris kaempferi syn ensata Iris unguicularis Iris unguicularis Mary Barnar Sarcococca, commonly known as sweet box or Christmas box, are wonderful, slow to moderate growing evergreen flowering shrubs with exceptional toughness and durability, making them very easy to grow.They feature small, white, deliciously fragrant flowers from mid winter to early spring, followed by showy, glossy black fruit on plants clothed with dark green leaves Iris. Irises, named after the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow are one of the most seductive of flowers and once smitten with this genus it is likely to be a long lasting love affair. With over 200 species in the Iris family it is possible to have an Iris flowering in your garden nearly every month of the year. Irises either grow from bulbs or from.

Iris japonica (Fringed Iris) is an evergreen rhizomatous perennial with white or pale blue, orchid-like flowers, up to 2 in. across (5 cm), adorned with deep purple and conspicuous orange crests on each fringed fall. Blooming profusely in late spring to early summer, they are borne on branched stems and rise above handsome fans of glossy, sword-shaped, evergreen foliage Woodland Iris (Plant Under Trees). Note: Plants in tube fertilize 2 weeks after re-potting, if bare rooted fertilize 2 months after re-potting. Any form of gardening patience is the virtue. D and SUPPLIED BARE ROOTED - The more you ordered plants in DIFFERENT VARIETIES the more extras I'll throw in for you depending on the weight of your plants ordered

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  1. Spring is here is So California, and two Annie's plant catalogues have arrived. A pair of plants have caught my eye: Iris confusa 'Chengdu' aka Bamboo Iris, and Arthropodium cirratum Renga Lily. Both are fine with shade -- which I have in abundance -- and if descriptions ar..
  2. Plant Sale 2020 Taxon Name Common Name Acanthus spinosus Spiny Acanthus Acer japonicum 'Emmett's Pumpkin' Full Moon Maple Iris confusa Bamboo Iris Iris dichotoma Vesper Iris Iris domestica 'Freckle Face' Blackberry Lily Iris ensata 'Lion King' Japanese Iris
  3. Farmyard Nurseries, Dol Llan Road, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA44 4RL. Phone: 01559 363389 Email
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  5. Sarcococca confusa or Sweet Box as it is often called is a wonderful evergreen shrub, it is a delight in any garden. It has a divine scent of vanilla, so is ideally planted by a pathway or somewhere you can appreciate it. Producing creamy-white flowers from December to March, followed by berries. Winner of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden merit
  6. SIGNA: The Species Iris Group of North America. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this database since it was launched in 1999. Special thanks go to Rodney Barton whose North American Native Iris website was the inspiration for this project. We have over 1,800 photos of 400 species, with more added every month

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List of All plants - learn how to grow many plant, information about more than 2600 plants, info - climate, zone, uses, growth speed, water, light, plantin Iris Since Iris is the Greek goddess for the Messenger of Love, her sacred flower is considered the symbol of communication and messages. Therefore the flower iris in the language of flowers symbolizes eloquence. Based on their color, irises convey varied messages. A purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments. A blue iris symbolizes. Iris japonica var Ledger's X Iris confusa. Collected in Yunnan, China. Note: Plants in tube fertilize 2 weeks after re-potting, if bare rooted fertilize 2 months after re-potting Iris bloudowii Iris bulleyana Iris bulleyana black fld. Iris bulleyana ex ACE 1819 Iris chrysographes Iris chrysographes Black Gold Iris chrysographes Deep Plum Iris confusa Iris delavayi Iris domestica Iris dykesii Iris ensata Iris forrestii Iris japonica Iris lactea Iris laevigata Iris magnifica Iris manchurica Iris orchioides Iris oxypetala.

White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. Since 1950 we have been providing a wide range of perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs, vines, amaryllis, gardening tools & supplies, and gifts for gardeners (Iris japonica 'Ledger's variety X Iris confusa, Tengchong Form) Hybridizer: Craig Carroll Released 17th April 2010 (Pending registration with the Australian Iris Society) Introduced and propagated by Carroll's Country Gardens Nursery, Mount Tomah. Easy to grow, frost hardy. Height: 1 metre, (taller than 'Tengchong Lace') It is sometimes called the butterfly iris (something that could be applied to all these Evansia or crested iris including I. confusa and I. milesii) and you can see why when the small flowers are held so perfectly on the branched stems. The flowers open in succession over many weeks and are white with yellow and blue markings How to Plant Irises. For bare-root irises, plant the rhizome horizontally with the top exposed. In climates with hot summers, plant the rhizome just below the soil surface. Plant rhizomes singly or in groups of three, 1 to 2 feet apart, depending on the size. Dig a shallow hole 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep

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Iris, (genus Iris), genus of about 300 species of plants in the family Iridaceae, including some of the world's most popular and varied garden flowers.The diversity of the genus is centred in the north temperate zone, though some of its most handsome species are native to the Mediterranean and central Asian areas. The iris is (arguably) the fleur-de-lis of the French royalist standard Travel the world with a few trees and shrubs, from Chile with the stunning red flowers of Embothrium coccineum to Japan with Sciadopitys verticillata, and taste the surprising American pawpaw.The enchanting smell of the cold-hardy Gardenia 'summer snow' will also transport you

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Iris douglasiana has pale cream to light, dark lavender or deep reddish purple flowers that bloom from March to May. Fruit is an elongated capsule, triangular in cross section. Ecology: found along the Pacific Coast in Oregon south to Santa Barbara, California. Usually growing at low elevations in coastal meadows, and grassy open hillsides. Autumn Peony Leaves Iris Confusa. Ligularia - Leopard Plant. Leaf Spots! This is my much loved spotty foliage plant, a Ligularia which is commonly known as the Leopard plant. It is happy in partial shade at the back of the wood shed. This is its third position in the garden, and I think I've finally got it right Iris confusa is an elegant plant all year long. The fan of glossy leaves sits on top of a bamboo like stem that can grow over 60 cm tall. The bloom stem, with many branches emerges from the fan in BCIS Show/Sale with Lily Society: Show will be held at the Salvation Army Citadel from 10 AM to 3 PM on June 27. Iris Society members may sell.

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Iris confusa formează un rizom care trasează subteran, din care apar noi lăstari verticale în primăvară. Particularitatea acestui iris este că frunzele sale, care se dezvoltă în ventilator, stau pe tulpini rotunde, de la 0,5 la mai mult de 1 cm în diametru, uneori depășind 60 cm înălțime și care amintesc de bastoane de bambus Beardless Irises. Beardless Irises are mostly native to Asia. The first four types are commonly grown in gardens, and they all bloom after the TBs, extending the iris season even longer. The fifth type, the Pacific Coast Native, blooms before the TBs and is native to the western regions of the United States. Spurias (SPU) are tall (2 to 5 feet. May 21, 2020 - Explore Beverley Jane Maine's board Iris confusa - Bamboo iris - Iridaceae on Pinterest. See more ideas about iris, plants, bamboo bamboo iris There seems to be some confusion in the garden literature about the Asian crested irises. I bought this plant as Iris wattii but see that Iris confusa and Iris japonica are similar in appearance. I have not yet learned the differences between these species. I purchased my plant two years ago in a four inch pot Bulbs, Cannas & other. Add colourful Cannas to your garden, flowering summer to early autumn. Various other bulbs available when in season, i.e. Iris Confusa (similar to Iris Japonica or Iris Wattii); Sprekelia (Jacobian Lily, Aztec Lily); Chlidanthus (Peruvian Daffodil), Eucomis Autumnalis (Pineapple Lily) etc . Showing all 15 results

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  1. Iris pseudacorus 'Alba' | The Manic Botanic® Grower of Pond & Garden Plants-Iris Specialist. Iris pseudacorus 'Flore Plena'. £7.50. Iris pseudacorus 'Holdens Child'. £6.50
  2. Newsletter of the Monterey Bay Iris Society www.montereybayiris.org April, 2009 Next meeting Friday 17, 2008 Doors open 7:00 p.m. Meeting 7:30 p.m. Place Native Sons Hall 239 High Street, Santa Cruz 2009 Calendar Monthly meetings are held in Native Sons Hall unless otherwise stated. Regular Meeting Friday, April 1
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  4. Bamboo Iris ( Iris confusa) Irises are perennial evergreen plants you won't actually recognise until they bloom. They are also among the most beautiful tropical plants you can grow in the UK. They have long, sword-like foliage. Their delicate flowers bloom during spring - between April and June

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  2. Sarcococca confusa is suitable for the small garden, because it only grows 80-100 cm high. It stands beautifully solitary in the border, or in groups and can also be planted as a low-growing hedge. Fragrant Evergreen. Email when available. Delivery within 3-4 days
  3. See what Craig & Daphne Carroll (daphnecarroll) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas
  4. Flower Bulbs It is possible to create a succession of colour that will last for many months using flower bulbs. For late winter and early spring colour, bulbs such as snowdrops and crocus will kick off the season. While daffodil, hyacinth and tulip bulbs will follow hot on their heels, with spring flowering. In early summer bulbs such as alliums, eremurus and freesias start to appear, while.
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  6. Sarcococca confusa Common Name: Sweet Box, Christmas Box Click to read more. Sarcococca confusa Click to read more. Jan 16, 2021. Botanical Name: Abies cephalonica Stinking Iris, Gladwin Iris, Gladdon, Roast Beef Plant Click to read more. Iris foetidissima Click to read more. Botanical Name: Paeonia tenuifolia.
  7. Buy Winning Edge Tall Bearded Iris on Sale, award winning, IRISES Winning Edge online store Iris Confusa. Iris confusa is my dream foliage plant. I pull existing clumps gently to pieces and poke the separate bits straight back into the soil. Finally after years of neglect I now have a picture of its icy white flowers
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Sarcococca confusa is suitable for the small garden, because it only grows 80-100 cm high. It stands beautifully solitary in the border, or in groups and can also be planted as a low-growing hedge. Email when available. Delivery within 3-5 days. Ordered before 10:00, Shipped today Hello There, Skimmia japonica Nymans is a female, so although it will flower, it needs a male nearby to cross pollinate the flowers for it to produce berries. Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green' is a male, so you can use this one to do this if you like. I hope this helps. Helen Plant Doctor. 2009-10-26. Crocus Helpdes

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See what alan uu (alanuu) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas Best flowers and shrubs for winter scent. Neil Ross. The Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) is a member of the dogwood family. This is an easy deciduous shrub which will attain small-tree size in time. Melbourne plant lovers can find an excellent range of plants at the Friends of Burnley Gardens Plant Sale, on 22 & 24 January 2014, with a special list of salvia species and cultivars. There will be native, exotic and produce plants for sale outside the main building at Burnley campus, 500 Yarra Boulevard, Richmond, Wednesday 22 and Friday 24 January, from 1-2pm and 4-5pm

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Iris Myoporum laetum 'Compact' Odontonema callistachyum Opuntia ficus-indica Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Limelight' Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata' Acacia confusa Agastache foeniculum Allium tuberosum Chenopodium ambrosioides Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum' Conyza bonariensis Digitalis purpurea Dracaena drac Potmaat 9 cm. Tijdelijk niet op voorraad. € 5,50. A12442 - Sarcococca confusa 9 cm p. Tijdelijk niet op voorraad. Dit product is tijdelijk uitverkocht maar komt weer terug. Wil je op de hoogte blijven van wanneer deze soort weer beschikbaar is klik dan op de email voorraad button en je wordt als eerste getipt This perennial plant belongs to the genus rhizomatous, to the family iris or iris. This genus includes about 700 different species. The shape of the flower root irises are divided into the abrogate and bearded