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Typical asymmetry and 11 6/8 inches of abnormal points total 25 1/8 inches of deductions, so as a typical, the deer nets 'only ' 168 5/8. But the 8×5 rack's total gross score of 205 4/8 is much more reflective of its stunning size Darrin Bradley of IMB Outfitters explains what a 150 inch deer looks like Combined the reference points equal 14-16 inches, so this deer can easily be estimated to have a 19-20 inch main beam measurement. Note : Be aware that significant upturned main beams or, for instance, when the main beam sweeps in and is close to touching tips with the other main beam, will potentially skew your estimates

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  1. 150-Class Whitetail Buck. Prev Next. Prev Next. This hand gun hunter made a amazing shot on this 155 inch whitetail buck making the SCI Record book ranking number 2 under the North-west typical estate. Gallery: Whitetail Hunt Photos. Tags: big bucks, guided deer hunts, hunting trips, typical whitetail bucks, whitetail bucks, whitetail deer
  2. He shot is first deer with a bow at age 11. It took me 40 years to kill a 150 class deer and the interesting thing about this is these were shot on the same hunt in Texas low fence and both were cull deer!!! (management bucks) Land owner had a rule any 8 point is a Cull! Man what a hunt
  3. Seeing all the variations in antlers that make a 150-inch (or bigger) deer allows hunters to see up-close what they're looking for in the field. Let's face it; if you pay for a good hunt and want to take a trophy-class buck, then you need to understand how to score a deer and judge its age accurately

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Keep in mind that there are mule deer areas where, genetically, it is common for no browtines or weak browtines, even for big mature deer. At this point, you have three metrics that you can solely use to determine if a buck is a mature, 160″+ deer, in 95% of cases. If a Colorado buck has a 20″+ inside spread, heavy main beams, and symmetric. Study the deer you hunt and assign your own values to the references listed above. Soon you will be making your choice to shoot or pass with confidence. Satisfaction Guaranteed. One of the toughest decisions a hunter makes before touching the trigger or release is if a buck meets the harvest goals set. In an area that rarely produces a buck. A mainframe 6-point that would eventually score nearly 150 of antler with 27 main beams, and weighing in at over 300 pounds, Mongo was easy to identify. Encounters with Mongo were unmistakable. On a past hunting trip to Hooray Ranch, T-Bone watched Mongo breed and then bed down with a doe. Hidden by the tallgrass prairie and covered by.

If/when I get my buck I will measure it the best I can just to know and understand measuring system for future deer. I look forward to posting my deer here to share! Jul 26, 2017 #10 MinnesotaHunter Well-known member. Joined Sep 15, 2010 Messages 3,727 Location Gem Lake, Minnesota Follow along as Danny Z takes us on his journey for a Pennsylvania buck of a lifetime This one hasn't been measured, but I'd say it's 140-150.. This hasn't been measured either. It had decent mass and good back forks, but very short mainbeams. But it was a dang good first mulie. Ben. Re: pics of 130-150ish mule deer [ Re: mtcurman ] #7712688 05/05/13. Joined: Mar 2004

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The 34-year old Sterlington resident downed a 10-point buck on Nov. 15 on a 4,000-acre private lease in northern Union Parish. The buck green scored 156 6/8 Boone & Crockett and had 25-inch main. A guy I know claims to have killed one but I am skeptical and want to compare some pics to his deer. Nov 21, 2016 #2. shaynepaul708 Senior Member. Nov 21, 2016 #2. Here's a 147 eight point in p&y book and a seven point that gross 141 eight point has 26 inch mains and 31 inches of mass I think 10 g2 17.5 wide 10 of the Biggest Whitetail Shed Antlers Ever Found, Including Three World Record-Size Deer 3/11/2021. • 150-inch set: $400 • 180-inch set: $2,50 Killed this deer openeing weekend, havent had him scored yet but think he will gross in the low 150's. He has split g2s and a split g3. He is a main frame 10. He is lacking in mass but I really liked the splits and the way his g4's were in realtion to his main beams. I also think he may be the oldest deer I have ever killed

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Joe Seagrave 150 inch buck 0. Home Gallery 2020 Deer Photos Joe Seagrave 150 inch buck 0 Just goes to big deer can come from here if people will let them grow and get the proper age. My buddy shot a 5.5 year 136 3/8s in Lincolnton 2 years ago. Just gotta let um age now I know not all are created equal but there are a lot of potential to have a lot of 130 to 150 inch deer here The Louisiana Big Game Records Program documents all-time record white-tailed deer and wild turkey harvested in the state that meet or exceed minimum antler or spur measurements, respectively, as well as deer and turkeys that meet minimum recognition requirements over a three-year span. See minimum measurements below. You must have measurements from a Boone and Crockett or LDWF-certified. I was in Iowa and this buck came into the decoy all bristled up and was probably a 150-inch deer, Hunsucker said. His body looked huge, but it was just hard to say with him bristled up. He was so riled, he blew up the decoy, and then when he settled down, you could see that he was probably just a three-year-old 100 pounds difference from the deer venison and chicken diet. Left photo (2019)-Right photo (2020) Posted: 12/20/202

When I first saw my buck on the hoof, I thought he was a 135-inch deer. However, as he got closer and I saw what a brute he was, I figured I was looking at a 150-inch deer, even though my eyes didn't believe it. Even after I had the rack in hand, the huge body still fooled me. I still thought I was looking at a 140-inch deer The owner selectively harvests 150-inch deer or better as well as management bucks over five years of age. To top it all off, the majority of hunting has been done by tree stand or blind, making this ranch very accessible to hunters unable to navigate mountainous terrain. The upland bird and waterfowl hunting opportunities are also second to none He says it has a 140 to 150 inch rack. The deer has been spotted frequently in Cape Girardeau for several years. However, many people spoke out on social media, saying they've been watching the.

There have been some 150+ inch whitetail deer harvested off the property. There's about 50 acres in pasture and 26 acres in selectively logged forest land, which provides excellent cover for deer and turkey. There. 76± acres. $525,000. View Property Details You'd be surprised the quality and quantity of animals in the point range you have. 150 inch deer would definitely be achievable. Dec 12, 2018; Thread Starter #7 OP . T. TimberHunter Senior Member. Joined Nov 7, 2018 Messages 505. idahohikker said: That's burning lots of points for archery deer. Those hunts usually have pretty low success rates In fact, the deer pictured above scored 246 3/8 inches, and was killed on public hunting land. Kentucky ranks second only to Indiana in likelihood of harvesting a Booner (0.082%), and all of these factors combined are enough to earn Kentucky the number one spot on our list of top 10 places to hunt whitetail in the U.S Buck Bourbon 110 Proof is our protein-rich sweet feed deer attractant. Through our testing we have developed a protein feed that whitetail deer will actually eat without the extra additives. The sweet aroma of Buck Bourbon 110 Proof attracts deer from great distances and the intoxicating taste keeps them coming back for more. 8lb - Weight: 8lbs / 3.63kg, Size: 16.5H x 9W x 4D, BB110 25lb.

I think there would be a lot more 170 plus deer around if guys would pass a 140 to 150 inch deer. I know those are big deer, but if you want to kill a giant, those 150s have to live 1 or 2 more years to make it to 170. Think back 20 to 30 years ago. Everyone shot anything with horns. Very few big deer were killed The antlers on his bucks will span 200 inches in two years, which is really good. Most hunters don't shoot 150-inch deer in the wild, Hanson said. The figure comes from a series of measurements on the antlers, including the inside spread, length of each side and the main beam. Kassube waits to sell his antlers until the buck is 3 years old Deer thrive in these parks, in part because of the stands of hardwood timber and low hunter density. In the heart of the region, the 2017 deer harvest by Washington County deer hunters stood at fourth best, with a total take of 2,609 deer, including 1,085 antlered deer. Clark County deer hunters took 1,935 deer, and Scott County deer hunters.

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  1. Most of the leases I manage that are bringing in $20-$30+, the guys are not trophy hunters. They simply want a place to go hunt with family members and friends. There is a price to convenience and that is what they are paying for, not necessarily 150 inch deer
  2. Having deer hunted in a dozen states, it's obvious that there are standards applicable to each region. Unless you are in Wisconsin's Buffalo County, parts of Kentucky, Iowa or Northern Missouri, seeing a 150-inch class deer is cause for celebration. In fishing terms, a 150-inch deer is closely aligned with the hallowed 8-pound bass
  3. 2,270 Posts. #7 · Nov 10, 2008. 180+ bucks are NOT common period. 140-150 sure, but there are very few 180 inch bucks in the state - that is a true giant. I'd say the gentleman that harvested that deer didn't get a pic or see that buck because he wasn't spending time in that area
  4. Muley Record Set at March Rack Madness. March 9, 2017. Ron Jones of Pryor holds the new Oklahoma Cy Curtis record mule deer rack, which scores 226 4/8. The rack. crushed the previous record muley, which was harvested in 1973. (SKYLAR ST.YVES / ODWC) Muley Record Set at March Rack Madness. Evidence of Oklahoma's bumper crop of big bucks was in.
  5. It is at these Deer Shows that over half of the entries in this book were officially measured. At the 1986 Exhibit, for example, over 300 deer were entered and had to be registered, transported to the measurement area, officially measured, hung up for display, and finally, checked back to their respective owners
  6. I have seen 150 inch deer within 10 yards of a tractor. I have a friend who hunts inside city limits in Cincinnati and kills deer near to 200 inches with consistency. If those deer ran from every unnatural scent they would be 100 miles from that city. Unless you hunt certain places like southern ohio these deer are living in and accustomed to.
  7. Most hunters don't shoot 150-inch deer in the wild, Hanson said. The figure comes from a series of measurements on the antlers, including the inside spread, length of each side and the main beam

The Deer at the White Oak Plantation. There have not been any deer killed for 5 years except for a few cull bucks and does. These new hunts will truly be an incredible experience for our hunters. We want our hunters to shoot 150 inch deer or better. Hog and varmint hunting is available at no additional charge He was probably a 135 or 140-inch deer last year but he really blew up into a much higher-caliber deer this year.. Colombo got into his stand about 4 p.m. opening day and some two and a half. The deer made his way back into the bean field and began browsing where Roan took his shot. The beans were tall and the river bottom thick as darkness drew near, so we decided to look for the deer first thing in the morning. The 145- to 150-inch full velvet buck ran approximately 70 yards into the hardwoods At one point there were 7 bucks on the same ridge - all 140-150 inch deer. Great fun but frustrating too. Weather has been very warm so deer activity is about over within an hour of daylight. Some movement during day but most are bedding in shade. Tried a new area tonight and saw 2 really pretty bucks in the 160 range amongst all the other. RAVIN CROSSBOW vs 150 INCH WHITETAIL. Uploaded by czb1972 on August 27, 2020 at 12:42 pm he swatted a little bit just before the arrow got there if he hadn't swatted you might have shot right under him great deer and I love that crossbow and hey I know you like the shoot the rage Broadhead do yourself a favor though man and try out the new.

Slater North's baseline for big deer is unbelievable, and is a testament to high quality South Carolina genetics. 140-inch Boone and Crocket whitetails are not uncommon, and the property has a very healthy trophy whitetail herd. There are established food plots and baiting sites throughout. Available Parcels (see available map downloads below) Welcome to one of the finest hunting tracts in Yazoo County.. This 192 +/- acre tract is absolutely beautiful and picturesque. This property has been heavily managed for deer and turkey and it shows. This tract has produced a number of 140-150 inch deer over the years of the seller's ownership.... Sold 192 Acre Virginia Public Land Black Powder Whitetail deer hunt. 2020 (Boat Entry Bucks) Half 1. 2 30:49. 0%. 2 DEER 1 MORNING - West Virginia Bow Hunt. ILLINOIS PUBLIC LAND 150 INCH BOW HUNT (Deer Hunt) 2 35:56. 0%. Z Outdoorz Arkansas Deer Hunt Episode 8. Discover Delicious Ways to Cook Salmo

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  1. Rush Creek is based in Wheeler, Texas with over 100,000 acres of land stretching from western Oklahoma to the New Mexico state line. Rush Creek offers almost a year round hunting opportunity by offering fair-chase hunts for Mule Deer, Whitetails, Antelope, Rio Grande Turkey, Wild Bobwhite Quail, Wild 'Blue' or Scaled Quail, Dove, Geese.
  2. In the five days of archery mule deer hunting in Utah, I had been inside 75 yards of a 150 inch buck at least once every day and inside 25 yards twice. We had seen a lot of very good bucks with a few we estimated over 180 inches. We never saw less than three bucks over 150 inches every day. Hunt Report Early Season Archery Mule Deer Hunt in Uta
  3. You don't have to go out and be a 13-year-old kid going, 'I'm going to shoot a 150-inch deer today.' I'm a television host, but I shot more does and more little bucks than you could.

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Topic: How to Kill a 150-inch South Carolina Buck: In a state that is not known for producing large bucks, I have one that will easily pass 150″ gross (large double drop tines!) using my property consistently. I have 4 years of picture history with this deer (I believe he is 6 or 7 y/o), and every year he has become a little more daytime visible Kansas Deer Hunting Outfitter Bow 150 inch 10 point 1. Rocky shot this 150 inch Kansas whitetail on our farm from a stand he hung. He discovered an area that deer were using at that time where I didn't have a stand. After a rattling the buck showed himself and the rest is history

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If they know there is a 140- or 150-inch deer running around, they are less likely to shoot the first 120- or 130-inch buck that comes by. I'm up 20 percent over last year. I had 70 deer between 140 and 160 brought to me, including three or four between 180 and 190 inches, so it certainly seems like this year was a very good one I've mounted four deer out of that same stand in eight years, including this 150-class 10-pointer (right) from 2009. It has always been good for big bucks. There's food, a creek.

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That ranch produces 150+ inch deer every year and they get a buck that is 170+ every third year or so. Those numbers will rival most places in Texas. Those numbers will rival most places in Texas. Of course, he has had that piece of real estate under a management program for about 10 years Each hunt includes guide services, recovery of deer, cape out, quartering out the deer and placing the deer in your cooler. Bucks under 140 $500 Fine Un-lethal shot that was bad shot $500 to get back into the stand. 2 nd Un-lethal shot ends the hunt. Hunter Contract Whitetail deer hunts are available using archery. We also provide a limited number of gun hunts for whitetail deer. Archery hunts are usually five-day hunts and gun hunts are usually three to four days. If you have something else in mind, we will be happy to work with you. You can pursue your big tom turkey with either archery or shotgun

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Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides and Outfitters. Ohio offers some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country. When you're on the hunt for trophy big bucks it doesn't get any better than Brushy Fork Outfitters. Ours are fair-chase, fully guided deer hunts for some of the largest free-ranging deer on the planet The buck's main beams are both over 32 inches and mass measurements are as high as 7-1/2. When mounted in a position that they look natural, they have an inside spread of nearly 24 inches. As it is, the buck scored 240 gross typical and nearly 219 net, more than five inches larger than the current Saskatchewan world record held by Milo Hanson Think about it: unless the buck was a 1 1⁄2-year-old, odds are good it was an 8-pointer — even though deer on some properties might be known for producing a greater number of points. Obviously there is a big difference between a 150-inch 8-pointer and a basket-racked 8-pointer Registered. Joined Oct 30, 2007. ·. 677 Posts. #10 · Nov 26, 2013. BIG 8 CONGRATS man Dandy buck right there. Killed one like that 3-4yr ago in Ohio co,heck the buck I shot this year could be a twin to yours. Enjoy the memories of the hunt and all that good eatin' ya got there. Heck, with a buck like that you outa be smiling from ear to ear

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Bone Collector, featured on the Outdoor Channel with hosts Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis T-Bone Turner, take viewers on hunting journeys Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount-WIDE and TALL 8 Point Whitetail Buck- Roughly 150. $499.99. $315.16 shipping. or Best Offer The 150 Precision Boom is compatible with the High Performance (HP) Category 1, 3-Pt Hitch Sprayer. This folding boom is made to cover ground quickly and thoroughly with 5 precision spray tips, TeeJet nozzle bodies and commercial grade diaphragm check valves.. The outer tips offer versatility with built-in shut offs to allow an adjustable 90. The rare bucks at these extremes are outliers from the average for their age, but if you are practicing Quality Deer Management (QDM) and want to see more high-scoring adult bucks, it's crucial to recognize and pass those rare 70- to 100-inch yearlings. They'll become those rare 130-inch 2½-year-olds and 150-inch older bucks

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The results speak for themselves! I was able to do short work on this amazing buck at 10 yards. BIG JOHN CAMPBELL. Without Buck Bourbon I would have never been able to harvest this 150 inch, 8 year old deer. Buck Bourbon was key in getting this deer into my spot and I was literally able to manipulate when the deer would come in during daylight We wade through the picture mountain of does and young bucks and start focusing on mature deer. Any thick 8- or 10-pointer in the 130-inch class catches our eye, and we really hone in on the odd buck in the 140- to 150-inch class. We start making notes on the big deer we've located at our licks, and the days, times and locations of their travels BuckTrader is committed to helping you locate the right deer, whitetail, exotic animal, buck, semen, axis, or doe for you ranch or farm You might actually have a 150-inch stud behind every tree, because in the eastern part of the state, there are only about seven trees. The plains of Colorado have churned out some monster whitetails in recent years, and while it's a tough go to find public land, it's not impossible Lodging and food is not provided and hotelsare 15 mins from hunting, we are hunting for big deer on this hunt meaning 150 inch or bigger . $ 3500 FAMILY HUNTS Pack the bags and head our way check in after 12 noon possible Friday hunt Saturday and Sunday hunting check out Sunday after the hunt $ 750 Per Hunter $ 250 Per Nun Hunte

We've gone to a ranch as guests, but I've told the guys who take Nicholas and Jackson, 'I don't want them to kill a big 150-inch deer. I want them to shoot the 120-inch class on the top end. I want to let them learn along the way, so when they do shoot a big one they will appreciate it We have harvested several bucks in the 160-180 inch range, but most mature bucks will be in the 140-150 inch range. New Mexico mule deer hunts can be conducted in combination with an elk hunt for an additional fee. Texas mule deer and white-tailed deer hunts can be conducted in combination with Aoudad, feral hogs or predators for an additional fee Congratulations on a GREAT deer!. January 1, 2013 with 0 Comments. 144″ Coues Buck - STOLEN! From Jim Mullins: Howdy guys and gals, I've been sittin' on this since last January but now decided to post it up. This is a.. August 12, 2012 with 1 Comment. Larry Johnson's 143. Alan also owns a shed off this buck Mississippi deer hunter dreamed of one day harvesting a 150-inch buck, but taking a 200-inch buck never crossed his mind. Hunter only had photos of the buck at night. Hunter prayed each time he. Our Mule Deer hunts are archery, black powder, or rifle. Group discounts are available. 150 inch to 175 inch bucks are not guaranteed but common with the potential of 190 to 200 class Mule Deer. We hunt Mule Deer several different ways, from spot and stalk high country to stand hunting over watering holes and fields We anticipate tonight's Deer District Racine will be our biggest event yet. We have added a 150-inch projection screen, great local food vendors, a DJ, and a dance troop that will provide a halftime performance. It should be a great atmosphere for the community to come out and watch the game, said Mayor Cory Mason

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