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What does MTP abbreviation stand for? List of 436 best MTP meaning forms based on popularity. Most common MTP abbreviation full forms updated in July 202 Meaning. MTP. Minutes to Post (horse racing; time before the race is run) MTP. Miles Tails Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog game character) MTP. Muy Tu Problema. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions ( show all 73 definitions) Note: We have 230 other definitions for MTP in our Acronym Attic Looking for the definition of MTP? Find out what is the full meaning of MTP on Abbreviations.com! 'Message Transfer Part' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource

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Medical MTP abbreviation meaning defined here. What does MTP stand for in Medical? Get the top MTP abbreviation related to Medical MTP Stands For: All acronyms (321) Airports & Locations (2) Business & Finance (8) Common (1) Government & Military (33) Medicine & Science (59) Chat & Sub Cultures (3) Education Schools (12) Technology, IT etc. (26 Your metatarsal bones are the long bones that link your ankle to your toes. Between the heads of the metatarsal bones and the bottoms of the proximal phalanges (your toe bones) are the metatarsophalangeal joints. In other words, metatarsophalangeal joints connect your toe bones to your foot bones

MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. When Android uses this protocol, it appears to the computer as a media device. The media transfer protocol was widely promoted as a standardized protocol for transferring audio files to digital music players using Windows Media Player and similar applications To define it, Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is an extension to the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) communications protocol that allows media files to be transferred atomically to and from portable devices MTP refers to Motion To Proceed, meaning your friend is on deferred adjudication probation wherein the court has not proceeded to find guilt but now the prosecution is asking the court to proceed to do so. Whether they are seeking to send your friend to the penitentiary or merely modify probation conditions would remain to be seen

Evaluation of the role of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pili (MTP) as an adhesin, invasin, and cytokine inducer of epithelial cells Indeed, the new MTP predicts a serious improvement in the current account deficit (minus $6 billion compared to the MTP of October) despite additional consumption. Inconsistencies in the new economic progra An MTP joint connects one of your toes (a phalangeal bone or a phalanx) to a long bone in your foot (a metatarsal bone). There are five MTP joints on each foot — one for each toe — but the. MTP Magical Tea Party - a slightly derogatory term used in roleplaying system design (mostly on The Gaming Den) that refers to a freeform style of RP. Events and outcomes of the players' actions are determined by DM fiat rather than by a character's skill or chance of success. DM: So as the DM, I decide everything that happens Interstate MTP Car and Truck Batteries Interstate Batteries' MTP line has you covered with high-cranking performance for cold to moderate climates. With 30-month free replacement and six-year performance, this line of car and truck batteries will meet or exceed vehicle starting needs to get you where you need to be What does MTP actually mean? Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and computer-related encyclopedia

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  1. What is an MTP® connector? The MTP connector, a registered trade mark of US Conec, is a high performance MPO connector with multiple engineered product enhancements to improve optical and mechanical performance when compared to generic MPO connectors. The MTP connector is in complete compliance with all MPO connectors and is 100% inter-mateable
  2. Which brings us to MTP. MTP means Move to Production, and is just a fancy way of saying go live. For Anderson University's implementation of Workday, there are two go live dates, which we call MTP-1 and MTP-2. Why is that important? It's important because we are rolling out Workday in two phases
  3. The Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is an extension to the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) communications protocol that allows media files to be transferred automatically to and from portable devices. Whereas PTP was designed for downloading photographs from digital cameras, Media Transfer Protocol allows the transfer of music files on digital audio players and media files on portable media.
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  6. Pipe Thread Acronyms. MPT and FPT are simply names for identifying the type of pipe thread for an application. MPT and FPT are both sub-types of NPT. National Pipe Threads (NPT) have tapered threads. NPT threads are used for joining and sealing pipe fittings in low pressure air or liquid applications

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MTP refers to Media Transfer Protocol. MTP protocol seeks to address concerns about the distribution of digital content in the consumer market as an increasing number of organizations create and distribute digital audio/video content. The aim of. If an MTP resource is not available when it is needed, the call connects without using an MTP resource, and that call does not have supplementary services. MTP Types. Software MTP provided by the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App service on Cisco Unified Communications Manager: This MTP type can convert G.711 mu-law to G.711 a-law and vice versa

Haemorrhage remains a major cause of potentially preventable deaths. Rapid transfusion of large volumes of blood products is required in patients with haemorrhagic shock which may lead to a unique set of complications. Recently, protocol based management of these patients using massive transfusion. MTP/MPO cables are well-received for high-density cabling in data centers, as they are capable of accommodating multi fibers within a single interface, which largely increases network capacity, saves much space and offers ease of cable management. With a variety of MTP/MPO cables available in terms of cable function, polarity, fiber count. The disease process most frequently involves the second metatarsophalangeal joint. Stress Fracture. The most common mechanical cause of MTP joint pain is stress fracture (especially of 3 and 4 th metatarsal due to limited mobility). The diagnosis of stress fracture is tricky, since radiological examination is usually inconclusive The player displays Connecting USB (MTP) The player cannot be operated or The Timer and Alarm will become invalid, but is not recognized in the Windows Explorer interface. On models with a display, the display will remain blank. If it the portable player is not recognized or does not begin to charge after waiting 5 minutes, reset the player. What does MTP REV DROPPED mean in CPS court? I was supposed to be in CPS court soon and just found out it's now going to be postponed. I've been doing everything they have asked of me and even completed the intensive outpatient treatment

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  1. PTP/MTP mode is a more structured way of accessing the storage, designed for moving files to or from the camera. The camera remains in control at all times, preventing you from changing storage in ways that would cause problems. In general, mass storage mode is more flexible, while PTP/MTP mode makes it harder for the user to break things
  2. MTP/MPO Connector and MTP/MPO Polarity. The MTP/MPO connector is a multi-innovative, high-performance fiber optic connector that has enhanced optical and mechanical performance. The special design (shown in the following figure) of MTP/MPO connector ensures the accuracy of the polarity in the MTP/MPO network system. Figure 1: MTP/MPO Connector
  3. al case filed with the court. The docket sheet is a chronological listing of all documents filed in the case
  4. al wall approximation. This occurred concurrently to a decrease in the.

1 Answer1. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol, the stuff in brackets seems to be an address of a certain USB device in Xubuntu and /Storage is obviously a folder on that device. I'm not sure you could access it via terminal but you could check if FUSEfs would help you. Otherwise just find a software which work with data via MTP • Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) Windows systems support both MSC and MTP mode. Mac systems only support MSC mode. MTP mode is the preferred method for connecting to Windows systems because it supports more features for transferring content to players The Services included in MTP are as follows: Azure Active Directory - This covers identity and access management.; Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) - This covers detection of advanced attacks across the digital environment. Microsoft Cloud App Security - This is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that covers data protection in the cloud environment Modem: Treat your mobile device as a modem (USB tethering does enable this option) Click Here to know more about MTP and PTP. Show phone on Computer by enabling USB mass storage option. For many people when your mobile is not showing up in PC as external storage you can use the code (*#0808#) and Select AP + MTP and click OK (reboot if doesn. Exponential organisations all have this in common - they embrace a Massive Transformation Purpose (MTP). The more we organize around massive transformative purpose, the harder we'll work, the more dedicated we'll be, the faster we can solve big problems—and maybe most importantly, the more fulfilled we'll feel about the work we do.

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The phone reports software version V20-LAO-YT , can you tell, does it even correspond with model v40 LM-v405EBW ? 02/19/2021 19:45:20 grishanoff.mikhan says : Log in to Repl Michelin's Defender T+H MTP All-Season passenger tire keeps you in control with uncompromising performance in all-weather conditions in a comfortable ride. Available at Tire America

Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) is a camouflage pattern printed on equipment issued to British forces.. As part of the British Ministry of Defence's (MOD) Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) programme, three new camouflage patterns were considered for issue to British forces.These were a revised temperate Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) using lighter colours, a new three. Introducing MTP's 'The Lid': Your Monday-Friday Political Must Read. Starting Monday April 20th, 'Meet the Press' and NBC Politics will debut a new newsletter delivering Decision 2016 to your. The MTP joint is where the long foot bone (metatarsal) meets the toe (phalanx). Each toe in the foot has an MTP joint which is numbered 1 through 5. The plantar plate allows the foot to absorb the enormous forces of walking and running in addition to limiting extension (1). There are ligaments that attach the plantar plate to the long bones of. Five conditions that can cause bumps on the big toe (besides furniture) 1. Hallux limitus, also known as big toe arthritis. Hallux limitis is the medical term for the initial stages of arthritis in the MTP joint. The early symptoms of MTP arthritis are limited flexibility in the affected joint, together with swelling, pain, and redness

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Open the Settings app. Choose Storage. Touch the Action Overflow icon and choose the USB Computer Connection command. Choose either Media Device (MTP) or Camera (PTP). Select Media Device (MTP) if it's not already selected. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. When that setting is chosen, the computer believes the phone to be a portable. So odds of 7-2 mean that for every $2 invested, the punter gets $7 profit in return. This means when you bet $2, the total return if the bet is successful is $9. Similarly, if a horse is at even money (ie 1-1), it's $2 profit for every $2 invested, or a total return of $4. Or, if a horse is 1-2, it's $1 profit for every $2 invested, or a. MTP joint and are encountered daily by the foot and ankle surgeon. This document will review current prac-tice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of: hallux valgus (Pathway 2), hallux rigidus (Pathway 3), hallux varus (Pathway 4), sesamoid disorders (Pathway 5), trauma (Pathway 6), and other disorders of the first MTP joint (Pathway 7) The mean peak pressure was 581.5 kPa (s.d. 379.6) at the first MTP joint, 651.5 (311.1) at the second MTP joint, 644.4 (282.0) at the third MTP joint, 334.3 (202.4) at the fourth MTP joint and 355.2 (242.0) at the fifth MTP joint. Erosions on MRI. In total, 120 MTP joints were examined by MRI Agile Glossary. Your one stop for new and time-tested Agile terminology, curated by the world's leading provider of Agile consulting solutions and services. Check out our course catalog to see how SolutionsIQ can help you in your Agile journey. A

When connecting a mobile device to a computer, an option is usually set to be enabled so it can be detected by the system. Regarding this concern, we'd like to confirm if the setting for the MTP option has appeared. If yes, was the option enabled from there The judge does not likely have it in for him. If your son has violated the terms of probation - be it straight or deferred - then that his his fault, not the judge's. And, if your son has a juvenile record, sounds like he does not follow the rules

MTPJ: ; MTPJ hinge joint formed by articulation of a metatarsal head with the base of a proximal phalanx; see ginglymoarthrodial ; ginglymu PTP stands for picture transfer protocol and was designed as the standard protocol for digital cameras to interface with PCs. If you select this mode your computer will view the phone as though it were a camera. It's a somewhat outdated protocol and MTP (media transfer protocol) which is based off of PTP will generally do everything it can. Device Manager does not display devices that are not connected. Update drivers in Windows 10. For issues with specific device types, also see the following articles: Fix sound problems in Windows 10. Fix printer connection and printing problems in Windows 10. Camera does not work in Windows 10. Try these steps firs An MTR warrant means that a Motion to Revoke Probation has been filed by the district attorney and the judge in the case has issued a warrant based on that motion. The Motion to Revoke asks the court to revoke or take the person off probation and sentence them to a term within the range of punishment for their original offense. A person charged.

Shannon Kietzman. Hyperemia is a condition in which blood congests in a particular area of the body. It can be either active or reactive. The removal of a tourniquet can cause reactive hyperemia. Active hyperemia takes place during muscle contraction, which has earned it additional names, such a functional hyperemia and exercise hyperemia Note: NCCI does not allow more than one NCCI-associated modifier on a line for Treatment Authorization Requests (TARs), CMS-1500 claims and UB-04 claims. TARs and claims containing two or more NCCI-associated modifiers on the same line will be denied. In addition, placement of modifiers on the claim is important What does that mean for tonight? MTP Daily. Hagel: Republicans 'desperately need leadership' MTP Daily. Schiff reacts to latest string of Russian hacks: 'It is a real proliferation What does MPO connector mean? MPO connectors are fiber optic connectors with multi fiber connectivity and a push on coupling, that's why they are called MPO multi-fiber push on. MPO connectors support higher bandwidth and higher density applications with 12 to 24 fiber count, which also can reach 48 or 72 in some limited applications PTP. Point-To-Point. PTP. Progress of Theoretical Physics (monthly journal) PTP. Pay Money to My Pain (band) PTP. Picture Transfer Protocol. PTP

Originally used to mean never harvesting more than the forest can regenerate, over time the term has largely retained its meaning. Today, the most accurate definition of sustainable can be found in the UN's Brundtland Report, published in 1987. It describes sustainable development as meeting the needs of the present without. What does tibio-fibular varus mean? a structural position of the leg in which the distal aspect of the tibia and fibula is more to the midline in comparison to the proximal aspect. Norm MTP extension recquired MTP Extension (tension pulls on plantar fascia MTP DailyMSNBC July 22, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT. Looking at the key stories of the day with political newsmakers as they break down and analyze the issues facing U.S. and world leaders as well as explaining how policy issues affect all Americans Mtp definition, Mobilization Training Program. See more. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo I'm looking for the meaning of MTP? The abbreviation MTP (French) means Mont Here's a list of examples and english translations for MTP

MTP joint or joint stiffness. Onset of symptoms may be insidious or subsequent to injury; a history of an arthritic condition may be given (4,8,11). Patient symptoms are often associated with increased activities or occupational demands that require patients to extend the first MTP joint; for example, stooping or squat-ting by a laborer The MTP joint helps us bear and distribute weight during a range of activities. A bunion at this critical junction of bones, tendons, and ligaments can seriously impair the foot's functioning. For one thing, a bunion on the big toe can damage the other toes. Under the pressure of the big toe, they may develop corns or become bent, forming. The MTP Group of University Twente. The group Materials Science and Technology of Polymers (MTP), chaired by Professor G. Julius Vancso, studies a range of topics, which revolve around macromolecular nanotechnology and materials chemistry of nanostructured (macro)molecular materials. MTP's mission is to establish approaches, devise and construct tools, and build materials platforms that. Now you can activate MTP for USB permanently as follows: 1. Open the Android settings and then the Developer Options (Activate them if not done) 2. Scroll down and select USB Configuration. 3. Set the marking at MTP Mode (Media Transfer Protocol) You have now switched the USB configuration to MTP mode under Android It is best to have the entire MTP, not just a clipped portion. First check the Right Hand Margin (RHM)! Know some basic symbols. Follow the symbol. Find the text that goes with the symbol Lowest center portion of polygon (typically) Follows a linear feature Sometimes with an arrow 1

Connect the device with the appropriate USB cable to the PC. In the home screen, slide with a finger from the top to the bottom of the screen. Verify that the USB connection is saying 'Connected as media device'. If it does not, tap on the message and select 'Media device (MTP). Verify that the PC shows the device in 'My Computer Meaning that you need to install it manually if you need it. Unfortunately, if the Media Feature Pack isn't present on a PC, it can lead to issues with connecting MTP devices. The MFP is related, in a roundabout way, to the Media Transfer Protocol and also to Windows Media Player The MTP camouflage system has now become the regulation uniform for both the British military and the UK cadet forces. Because MTP camo forms the basis of all Army Cadet and Air Cadet clothing requirements, our British Army MTP surplus is one of the most cost-effective methods of meeting military dress regulations James Chen, CMT, is the former director of investing and trading content at Investopedia. He is an expert trader, investment adviser, and global market strategist. Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is. Looking for the definition of MTPS? Find out what is the full meaning of MTPS on Abbreviations.com! 'Master Tennis Performance Specialist' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource

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fricy81, Dec 20, 2016: I had a similar problem on Windows 10, for some reason MTP mode wouldn't work out of the box with the drivers on the virtual CD. I managed to get MTP mode working by launching Device manager, open device propreties, (the device should be marked by a yellow exlamation mark), selecting update driver on the drivers tab, then choose manual, on the next page choose from a. MTP does not have a formal, universal definition and it can be used for managing hemorrhage from many different etiologies (not just trauma). Most MTP activations occur for non-trauma indications. 13 MTP is typically described as transfusion of > 10 units of blood products within 24 hours, though there are better ways of predicting MTP need. 1 How to Determine NPT (National Pipe Thread) Size Male NPT is denoted as either MPT or MNPT Female NPT is either FPT or FNPT Pipe thread sizes do not refer to any physical dimension Master Title Plats are large-scale graphic representations of current Federal ownership, agency jurisdiction, and rights reserved to the federal government on private.

MTP Car and Truck Batteries. This MTP (Mega Tron P) Battery line comes with free 30-month free replacement and a six-year guaranteed performance warranty. These type of batteries can provide you with high performance for a moderate to cold climate which is great because this should meet the vehicle's needs to get you where you want to be Interstate Battery MTP-65. Interstates Mega-Tron Plus line of batteries is designed specifically for cold and moderate climates that we see in the Pacific Northwest. With 850 cold cranking amps the MTP will meet even the most rugged of applications. These Batteries come with a 30-month free replacement and 6-year performance warranty

This does not mean, however, that their business cannot be redefined as part of the MTP process. As Theodore Levitt used to tell his students People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. In-depth Understanding of Polarity for MTP System. To meet increasing demands for high-density cabling and wider bandwidth of network applications, man y data centers are migrating to the 40G and.

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  1. er that supports over 30 algorithms. The program is created for 'green' graphics cards, which is Nvidia. It supports Windows and Linux. On the project's website the developers point out that they are trying to make T-Rex as fast and convenient as possible. Developer fee is 1%, which means that every two hours, your equipment.
  2. MTP connectors are equipped with a housing that is removeable so you can change, re polish or even change the gender of the connection from male to female. Advantages MPO/MTP connectors combine 8, 12 or 24 fibers into one single and compact interface. They can put this amount of cable in the same space an SC connector would take up
  3. Below are common abbreviations and phrases found on Poshmark: Posher: A member of the Poshmark community. They most-likely have an addiction and/or obsession to Poshmark, opening the app and attending Posh Parties multiple times a day. Seller Stylist: Every seller on Poshmark is a Seller Stylist, not only selling their personal style, but also curatin
  4. ation Push-on connector. MTP connectors are engineered for high mechanical and optical specs. Some of these features are covered by patents. To the naked eye, there is very little difference between the two connectors
  5. SMTP provides those codes, and email server software is designed to understand what they mean. As each message travels towards its destination, it sometimes passes through a number of computers as well as their individual MTAs. As it does, it's briefly stored before it moves on to the next computer in the path
  6. Apical on the apex/tip/end of toe. 1st web first interdigital space. Dist distal/further out. Prox proximal/closer in. MPJ metatarsophalangeal joint. IPJ interphalangeal joint. 3rd.Met.Hd. third metatarsal head. NAIL DYSTROPHIES. Onycho~ specific nail dystrophy
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  1. What does this mean? Simply this: when tissue is damaged, the body responds to this injury in a nonspecific manner by invoking the generic inflammatory response reaction. This sometimes ends with calcification of the damaged tissue. This calcification is probably usually only microscopic, but is occasionally enough to be seen radiographically..
  2. Dr. James Cyriax was the first to extensively study soft tissue lesions. When inflammation of a joint is present (known as synovitis or capsulitis), not only does passive stretching of the capsule cause pain but a limitation of range of motion of the involved joint is always found to be in a specific pattern; this pattern is always similar for.
  3. How Does ADB Work? Because there are three pieces that makeup ADB (the Client, Daemon, and the Server), this requires certain pieces to be up and running in the first place. (MTP) mode.
  4. Wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and MTP are other joints commonly affected where swelling is easily detected. Pain on passive motion is a sensitive test for joint inflammation as is squeezing across the MCPs and MTPs. Occasionally inflamed joints will feel warm to the touch
  5. MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol and it is the PTP communication protocol. This simply means that you can transfer the files automatically from and to any handheld device. It is widely promoted as the standardized protocol when it comes to digital music players using Windows Media Player or any other audio files

What does MCP mean after a counselor's name? 3 . J February 12, 2021 at 8:52 am Reply. MCP is Master of Counselling Psychology or Master of Clinical Psychology depending on your region. dunazee July 14, 2019 at 11:57 am Reply. I posted before proofing. What I meant to say was this for the second paragraph of God. Christians get to know God bette Humanism Christianity Important facts Christians believe God is omnipotent, omniscient, and eternal, and that this means God is wort The clinical test of limited passive hallux dorsiflexion in stance is a valid test only of hallux dorsiflexion available during relaxed standing. There is no association between maximum dorsiflexion observed during a static weight-bearing examination and that occurring at the same joint during walki MTP. The Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) marks the why behind the organization. The MTP goes beyond a mission statement because it is on a far larger, more aspirational scale and this means it can revolutionize an industry and even a society 1 Reviews for Interstate Batteries MTP-48/H6 - Interstate Mega-Tron Plus Automotive Batteries See All Reviews. 5. out of 5. See All 1 Reviews. 5 . 4 (0) 3 (0) 2 (0) 1 (0) Lots of Juice. 9/12/2019 Summit Racing Verified Purchase. ISB-MTP-48-H6. I only use interstate and this was a major upgrade over the OEM one.

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MTP will be controlled to ensure it is only available for military issue; it will not be released for the manufacture of items for commercial sale. The design principles of CS95 as a layered system of clothing allowing flexibility for temperature regulation remain extant. This has been retained in the PCS; however, it recognises the increased. Positive HPT after 8 weeks from miscarriage bleeding indicates an incomplete miscarriage. Positive pregnancy test after miscarriage 8 weeks also could mean that you are pregnant with a second baby. It could also mean that you had multiple pregnancies and only one of them had got aborted and other survived. It is very rare but does occur Regarding this, what does 24f battery mean? The 24F battery was a hair longer, an inch less in width and an inch taller than the specified 36R battery. What's of greater importance is the battery's CCA and RC ratings, indicating the cranking ability and reserve capacity of the battery

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The well-corticated ossific fragment is consistent with an old injury, but it is in the region that is now extremely tender. The joint effusion indicates that the current injury is severe. However, this is a nonspecific finding; joint effusions are seen with fractures and ligament and tendon injuries Recent blog articles from Slang.org. Top Millennial Slang of 2020. Slang squad! It's time for some tea, fam — we're going all out on another roll-call, and this time we're focusing on the dankness that is Millennial slang MAP (or M.A.P.) is an acronym for minimum advertised price and is a term you'll find on some golf equipment manufacturers' websites, in their news releases about new equipment, and in articles about new golf equipment in the marketplace Autoethnographic Research. Like improvised music, [first-person research] moves between dissonance and resolution, randomness and organization, and dissatisfaction and fulfillment while finding the right phrase, chord, rhythm, or harmony that completes the quest, or feels complete enough, or—as a sensory image—scratches the unreachable itch

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MiniFirestar. · 1y. unlike limited, limited u means there's a limited amount of the item. for example, there might only be 1000 copies of an item, and you have to buy from someone who has 1 of these 1000 copies. limited items had an unlimited amount, but are no longer for sale. 2 Arthritis: Narrowing of the first mcp joint is usually due to some form of arthritis to the area. This may have several causes, as i would visit with my hand specialist or orthopedist before further narrowing or destruction occurs. 5.7k views Answered >2 years ago. Thank

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I underwent medical termination of pregnancy (MTP). The bleeding continued for 14 days and after an ultrasound it was found that the termination had not happened completely . The doctor gave me another pill to insert in the vagina and the bleeding lasted for 7 days. The next ultrasound showed that everything is OK and the bleeding stopped Does the amount in W2 box 14 medical expenses get used in Turbo TAX or can I use that amount when entering my medical expenses? Pre-tax expenses means that they were removed from your income (from Wages) TABLE 4 - SEEDLING VIGOR (MEAN OF 4 LOCATIONS) SIENNA INSIGHT PINNACLE FIESTA 4 MACH I PIZZAZZ 2 GLR 6.8 6.7 6.4 6.2 TABLE 5 - PERCENT LIVING GROUND COVER - SPRING (MEAN OF 2 LOCATIONS) INSIGHT SIENNA PALMER V MACH I FIESTA 4 BONNEVILLE 94.5 93.7 92.2 90.5 87.5 86.5 right shows the Of LS Perennial The photo danse root Ryegrass to the mas 2. Stratum detected a new block. Stratum is a protocol for miners, wallets etc to talk to nodes. It's not specific to Monero and it is used for other coins too. It's just informing you that the miner has started on a new piece of work. accepted: 1/1 (100.00%), 320.07 H/s (yay!!!) When miners mine in a pool, they're not working together

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