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Add this thoughtful and inspiring Indigenous podcast to your playlist stat. Take It Blak. Take It Blak is NITV's leading podcast, exploring the stories behind the news. Hosted by Goori journalist Jack Latimore and Wiradjuri STEM journalist Rae Johnston, episodes tackle topics like Black History Month, COVID-19 and International Woman's Day. The Indigenous music hub Revolutions per Minute hosts a podcast dedicated to giving a voice to the music, stories, and experiences of Indigenous artists from around the world by exploring a place, idea, or tradition that inspires our songs and our people. This podcast is a blend of social and cultural discussion and Indigenous pop culture. 10 Native Stories is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit audio platform providing access to stories about native people, places, history, and culture via $1.99 guided walking tours, free location stories, and free podcasts. If you have a story to share passed down through generations, we will help record your stories and upload to our audio platform

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The premise: Investigative journalist Connie Walker recounts stories of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. The podcast has picked up many awards, including the Canadian Journalism. This Place, the bestselling graphic novel anthology that tells 150 years of Canadian history through Indigenous stories, is now available as a podcast by CBC Books. The 10-episode series will be. Iiyoh'towaak Ksiskstoppiiks/Things We Hear At Night is an Indigenous storytelling podcast focused on ghost stories and creepy tales from the Rez

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Recently, we got chatting about podcasts, realising there is a plethora of awesome Aboriginal podcast content. With that in mind, we compiled a selection of our favourites that delve into themes across pop culture, politics, the arts, language, culture, kin, the judicial system and practices of decolonisation The narrative series taps Indigenous legal experts and uses music to showcase how a 1999 murder case sparked a 2020 Supreme Court ruling on tribal sovereignty; listening to it made Murphy feel.

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  1. The podcast is an Indigenous arts and culture podcast that directly confronts the good, the bad and the ugly between Indian Country and the mainstream, as stated on his website. This podcast is good for a Friday night when you want to break into the weekend with a good belly laugh
  2. Indigenous Story Tellers: Podcasts The Henceforward. The Henceforward is a podcast that considers relationships between Indigenous Peoples and Black Peoples on Turtle Island. Through this podcast series, we take an open and honest look at how these relationships can go beyond what has been constructed through settler colonialism and.
  3. A rich collection of recorded interviews from Indigenous people in Canada's north will be sampled on a new podcast from the public broadcaster, CBC. This will be the first CBC podcast to be in.
  4. Indigenous Perspectives: Stories from Indigenous Public Servants. The ESDC Indigenous Perspectives podcasts explore being Indigenous in the Public Service, what reconciliation is for individuals, and what it can be for Canada. In their own words, public servants give voice to diverse experiences - and struggles - around what it means to be.
  5. Counter stories is an extremely valuable podcast for Minnesota. Counter Stories is like a podcast for the rest of us as it discusses Minnesota issues through the lens of people of color and our shared experiences. But more than a great program for Minnesotans of color, this podcast is valuable for all Minnesotans to get a full.

‎A podcast about the history of the indigenous peoples of America. ‎Historie · 2019 ‎A podcast about the history of the indigenous peoples of America. We return to our story by taking a few steps back in time, learning more about the Mayas who came before the K'iche's Native Stories is a non-profit audio content platform and production house focused on providing access to authentic stories and experiences - of its people, place, perspective, history and culture - in service to those that came before us and the understanding of life that should be passed down through generations and around the world Podcasts. Subscribing to podcasts means you can automatically download ABC Indigenous audio files as they become available. To subscribe, copy-and-paste either of the links below into your podcast. Little Yarns is a co-listening podcast series for pre-schoolers. Ideal for families listening together at home or as a listening resource in early learning centres, Little Yarns explores the. APTN Investigates is the first Indigenous investigative news program in Canada, offering viewers hard-hitting reports and stories. Produced by award-winning journalists, APTN Investigates is committed to seeking the truth for our people. Subscribe and listen here. Podcast Banner. The Shows Carousel

The new series is an eight-part investigative podcast titled Stolen: The Search for Jermain which focuses on the story of the missing Indigenous woman Jermain Charlo, a citizen of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in Montana, who went missing in Montana VANCOUVER ISLAND — Indigenous languages from across the country are featured in the Historical Natives horror-themed podcasts created by two Indigenous siblings from Victoria, B.C., who wanted to learn more about their culture. Whitesand citizens Mackenzie Taylor, creative director, producer, co-host and co-writer, and Josef Stafford, co-host. Podcast explores creation of U.S. parks with Indigenous voices. This June 18, 2021 image shows freelance multimedia journalists Cody Nelson and Mary Mathis, co-creators of the new Parks podcast. More from A Podcast of One's Own with Julia Gillard. 37:32 Tara June Winch on the power of indigenous stories Jul 14, 2021. 37:30 Nobel Prize winner Esther Duflo on economics as a lever of action for the world Jun 28, 2021. 39:47 Alice Albright on girls' education and creating the next generation of leaders Jun 08, 2021

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For millennia our ancestors used stories to root us in our deepest power source and ground us in an awareness of our responsibilities to each other and all creation. On While Indigenous, a podcast devoted to building Indigenous power, we'll talk about getting back to that place. You're all set! Thanks for your interest in NDN Collective Stories, music, culture. Unreserved is the true voice of Indigenous Canada. Hosted by Rosanna Deerchild. Some of Unreserved podcast titles include Stand-up, sketch, and satire: The rise of indigenous comedy, Death and dying: how Indigenous communities grieve, survive and thrive, and Lights, camera, Oscars: Meet the creators decolonizing Hollywood This podcast is by and for Indigenous peoples who have an interest in editing, publishing, and writing Indigenous stories. The hope is to inspire Indigenous peoples to share their stories in whatever medium that they enjoy. One of the hosts is our Aboriginal Engagement Librarian Kayla Lar-son! Coffee & Quaq New podcast series explores Native stories in Minnesota May 20th, 2021. Prior Lake, Minn. - The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC)'s Understand Native Minnesota campaign launched a new podcast series today, entitled Native Minnesota with Rebecca Crooks-Stratton.Hosted by SMSC Secretary/Treasurer Rebecca Crooks-Stratton, the series features conversations with thought leaders and. The Indigenous 150+ program brought together 21 young adults from across the country - the East, the West, the North and the South - to highlight Indigenous stories, wisdoms, struggles and triumphs through a unique and compelling podcast series. The Indigenous 150+ program supports Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth as they learn how to.

MI's podcast responds to mainstream news stories with perspectives from Indigenous communities. When audiences compare the two accounts, Harp says they get a pretty good distillation of how two different sets of eyes—one Indigenous and one non-Indigenous—on what is ostensibly the same set of objective facts Our Story Podcasts explore the lives of inspirational and silent achievers of the Indigenous community. In this episode we discover the extraordinary life of Uncle Jack Charles, survivor of the. A rich collection of recorded interviews from Indigenous people in Canada's north will be sampled on a new podcast from the public broadcaster, CBC. This will be the first CBC podcast to be in. Think Indigenous is a podcast that highlights its yearly conference keynotes & Red Talk presentations sharing best practices, innovation and delivery models of Indigenous education. Each episode of the show features an educator, speaker or teacher presenting their ideas and best practices in Indigenous education

Listen to Indigenous Update With Chelsea Watego and 249 more episodes by Late Night Live - Separate Stories Podcast, free! No signup or install needed. Could Africa's youth bulge bring democracy?. Indigenous update with Chelsea Watego Native Comic Book Society's origin story begins at the Native American Community Academy, with an after-school club that morphed into an active Facebook group and eventually a podcast. The show is segregated into two parts, with family friendly (no explicit language) and the 'initiated which includes swearing, and full blown about comics. Welcome to Our Arctic Presence, a podcast series created by Indigenous Youth from throughout the circumpolar north in celebration of 25 years of the Arctic Council.Over the course of six episodes, you will learn about the Arctic Council and who the Permanent Participants are, hear stories from Arctic Indigenous Elders and Youth, and tune into crucial conversations taking place regarding. The Native Artist podcast takes a deep dive into the stories of Indigenous artists, spanning a wide range of artistic disciplines.From directors and writers to carvers and fashion designers, artists share their unique stories and perspectives on navigating these fields while reclaiming native identity Native Stories podcast / Via nativestories.org. Native Stories is a platform for authentic stories and experiences of Pacific Islanders

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  1. Elementary students share West Coast Indigenous stories in their very own podcast. 'Legends of the West Coast,' created by a grade three class at Huband Park Elementary, has allowed students to learn about oral storytelling traditions while utilizing technology. Catherine Lafferty, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter. Dec 6, 2020
  2. Yá'át'ééh (hello)! Real Native Roots: Untold Stories is a podcast hosted by Vickie Oldman (Diné) to hear untold stories from our relatives (family, friends, colleagues). Stories are the backbone of Native culture. They provide lessons, inspirations, information, values, and allow an opportunity to connect at a deeper level. Each month I will explore what medicine our guests offer
  3. g to release a resource such as this - to both build up the Indigenous rights movement in so-called Canada and to.
  4. Grade three students in Courtenay, B.C., have created a podcast where they interview each other and share knowledge about West Coast Indigenous stories.. It's all done in a cardboard box recording studio that teacher Geoff Fleischer has set up in the middle of his classroom at Huband Park Elementary
  5. Indigenous Faith Podcast. Listen to the Indigenous Faith Podcast with Craig Stephen Smith and LaDonna Smith. Learn what Indigenous Faith looks like, and how to live lives that are inline with the Good News. Subscribe on Spotify
  6. Out of Australia comes Curtain, an independent podcast about the racism faced by Indigenous Australians in the justice system, hosted by Amy McQuire, an Indigenous Darumbal reporter, and Martin Hodgson, an advocate for Indigenous prisoners. This serialized investigation is about Kevin Curtain Henry, accused of murder in 1992, but takes as.
  7. Welcome to a new episode of Stories That Made Us, the podcast where we cover myths and legends from around the world. The first season is all about the tales of the creation of our world and of us. Th... - Listen to S1E38 - Creation Myths: The Iroquois Native American Tribes by Stories That Made Us instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed
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The intergenerational wisdom woven into Indigenous stories. The way we behave politically, socially, economically and ecologically isn't working, says community organizer and activist Tai Simpson. Sharing the creation myth of her Nez Perce tribe, she advocates for a return to the old ways guided by Indigenous wisdom that emphasize balance. Winter is time for stories: here are some top Indigenous podcasts Grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite medicine mix of tea, and cozy up for some great stories and conversations that will make. Stolen: The Search for Jermain. Hosted by award-winning journalist Connie Walker, this new true-crime podcast investigates the story of Jermain Charlo, an Indigenous woman who went missing in 2018. The Scott Thompson Show Podcast Dr. Omar Khan returns to the show to shed some light on comments from the WHO about mixing COVID-19 vaccines. Guest: Dr. Omar Khan, Assistant Professor with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Immunology with the University of Toronto and a Medic Indigenous peoples' stories have barely.

'Always Our Stories' podcast is about inspiring conversations with Indigenous role models and trailblazers. Always Was, Always Will Be Our Stories is written, hosted, produced and edited by Marlee Silva, on the unceded lands of the Dharrawal people. Take it Blak. Take it Blak is NITV's leading podcast, exploring the stories behind the news The Indigenous children who died at Canada's residential schools. 00:00:00. 00:37:24. Half a century ago, Barry Kennedy was taken from his family and forced into an abusive system that sought to. Podcast: Indigenous Ghost Stories Host: Luke Briscoe Category: Society and Culture Sub-Category: Spirituality First Episode: 2020. Description: Indigenous people have lived in this country for thousands of years and have formed a deep spiritual relationship with the land which is generational

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  1. The schooling experiences of native youth are so often left out of conversations about educational equity despite the fact that indigenous youth are among the most marginalized and underserved groups in our school system. This week we have the great honor of learning from the super-dope Dr. Valeriah Big Eagle about the experiences of native youth and about what needs to be done to better serve.
  2. The NITV Podcast - Indigenous Language Revival. DOWNLOAD 31.56 MB. SUBSCRIBE. APPLE PODCASTS. GOOGLE PODCASTS. SPOTIFY. First Languages Australia Source: supplied. Upon colonisation many of our.
  3. On the RPM Podcast, Indigenous music and culture meet in sound. Each episode we give voice to the music, stories, and experiences of Indigenous artists from around the world by exploring a place, idea, or tradition that inspires our songs and our people
  4. The remains of 215 children, including some as young as three, have been found in a mass grave on the grounds of a former residential school that was once part of a nationwide effort in Canada to.
  5. The podcast highlights aspects of Canadian history that aren't widely known. Often, Indigenous stories are forgotten about or even fetishized

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Half a century ago, Barry Kennedy was taken from his family and forced into an abusive system that sought to obliterate his Indigenous heritage. Now, after the discovery of more than 1,000 bodies in unmarked graves at schools including his own, he reflects on the traditions that were erased, the friends he lost - and Canada's new reckoning with that history 'Thunder Bay' Podcast Investigates Canada's Colonial Impacts On Indigenous People NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Ryan McMahon, host of the podcast Thunder Bay, which looks at the high number of. The podcast talks about Indigenous communities feeling trapped, the conditions on the reserves, and trying to decolonize the idea of borders. The podcast was first produced in French called Laissez-nous raconter: L'histoire croche before being translated to the English version Telling our Twisted Histories

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58-Native American Folklore: Monster. The first story today is from the Mik'maq, Passamaquoddy, and Maliseet people, about all the things that can go wrong when creating the animals and why you shouldn't drink gross monster waste water. The second story is from the Cree people, about Monster Skunk farting everyone to death because this is a. The Immersive Knowledge Transfer Podcast is a creation of the IM4 Media Lab with the aim to amplify the voices of Indigenous creatives working with immersive technologies. Through long-form interviews, community highlights and musical guests, the series shares the experiences, insights and stories of Indigenous digital leaders and artists from. A Birth Story Podcast. CREATING COMMUNITY TO SHARE AND LEARN FROM BIRTH STORIES OF ALL TYPES. Birth Stories in Color (BSiC) is a podcast for Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latino and Multiracial individuals to share their birthing experiences - a space that specifically celebrates, mourns with and supports them and their transformation through birth This is a podcast by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color at Whitman College where we talk about our experiences and tell our stories. Episodes New episodes every Monday! About Us Learn more about the podcast and the people behind it. Contact Want to pitch an idea or give us feedback? Let us know! Liste

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  1. Native American tribes and communities make important contributions to our state every day, yet their stories often go untold, said Crooks-Stratton. In this new podcast series, I sit down with inspiring leaders to talk about Native culture, history and accomplishments - and help dispel some of the misconceptions folks have about.
  2. A new Indigenous-focussed CFUV podcast that covers modern stories of resilience, resistance, and resurgence has recently released its first two episodes. Dene Talk was created by Cassidy Villebrun-Buracas, a member of the K'atlo'deeche First Nation with Métis heritage, currently living on unceded W̱SÁNEĆ and Lək̓ʷəŋən lands
  3. 19-Native American Folklore: Skeletons. The first episode of much-requested Native American folklore has giants, ghosts, anthropomorphic coyotes, jilted lovers, and the reason for why the tick got so flat. Because you've always wondered how the wood tick got to be so flat. On the creature of the week, it's an animal from Australian folklore who.

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Welcome to the Pow Wow Pitch Podcast, a show empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs. On this Podcast, Host Sunshine Quem Tenasco, a Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg entrepreneur, author and creator of Pow Wow Pitch and Herbraids, interviews some of the most successful Indigenous entrepreneurs, makers and creators to share their stories, learnings, and wisdom to lift us all Welcome to the Global Storytime Podcast! Every two weeks I release a pair of episodes that help us explore another corner of the world. The first episode is a story from a different country or culture that is perfect for listeners young and old. The second episode shares the history, languages, favorite foods and sports, and more from the. Ep. 48 - Social Work from an Aboriginal Perspective - Exploring Cultural Load. Social Work, Aboriginal Experience Social Work Stories Podcast 2 December 2020 Social work, Social Work Social Work Stories Podcast 22 September 2020 ocial work, self care, hospital social work,. Here's a kids' podcast that tells native stories with native voices The eight-part podcast is a prequel to a PBS Kids animated series coming this summer. [Image: courtesy of PRX, WGBH, and PBS Listen to 1 episodes of Native Circles on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. This podcast features Native History Nerds who emphasize that Native American and Indigenous histories and stories need to be taught..

Boe Spearim is a Gamilaraay & Kooma radio host and podcaster who lives in Brisbane. Frontier War Stories - a podcast dedicated to truth-telling about a side of Australian that has been left out of the history books. Each episode Boe will speak with different Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people about research, books and oral histories which document the first 140 years of conflict and resistance VICTORIA -- A brother-and-sister team in Victoria have started a horror-themed podcast where they tell tales about chilling creatures from Indigenous oral histories. Mackenzie Taylor, 25, and.

How Indigenous reporters are elevating true crime In the podcasts 'Finding Cleo' and 'Thunder Bay,' First Nations reporters reinvent a common formula Episode 2 - Indigenous Perspectives: Stories from Indigenous Public Servants. The ESDC Indigenous Perspectives podcasts explore being Indigenous in the Public Service, what reconciliation is for individuals, and what it can be for Canada. In their own words, public servants give voice to diverse experiences - and struggles - around what it. MN Native News: Podcasts and Big Conversations. The podcast, Indigenized Connections On Air, examines tribal issues and leadership through a lens of Economic Development. And the Counter Stories podcast recently featured an in-depth conversation about Indian Boarding Schools and their Intentional Trauma Indigenous-focused podcast connects students, teachers, community leaders. A podcast started by a local school board is giving a chance for non-Indigenous people to learn and space for Indigenous. Half a century ago, Barry Kennedy was taken from his family and forced into an abusive system that sought to obliterate his Indigenous heritage. Now, after the discovery of more than 1,000 bodies in... - Luister direct op jouw tablet, telefoon of browser naar The Indigenous children who died at Canada's residential schools van Full Story - geen downloads nodig

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Fri., Jan. 8, 2021 timer 2 min. read. A brother-and-sister team in Victoria have started a horror-themed podcast where they tell tales about chilling creatures from Indigenous oral histories. While most CBC podcasts are typically positioned with a particular target demographic (age, gender, lifestyle) in mind, the audience for its latest offering, Telling Our Twisted Histories, was measured differently. Launched May 31, the new 11-episode series reclaims Indigenous history by exploring 11 words whose meanings have been twisted by centuries of colonization Talks With A Fox podcast is in Edmonton, Alberta. 13 hrs ·. SEASON 1 • Episode 08: BRANDI Morin. An Indigenous Woman's Voice Changing the World through Journalism. Brandi Morin is an award-winning French/Cree/Iroquois journalist. Brandi has specialized in sharing Indigenous stories through her career in journalism One usually becomes a windigo as punishment for dishonorable or taboo activities, such as engaging in cannibalism due to starvation. According to Shawn Smallman, author of Dangerous Spirits: The Windigo in Myth and History, it was a means of defining moral social behavior, which could serve as a warning against greed and selfishness. One could also become a windigo if a shaman cursed. OSF / Mormon Stories Podcast 2021 State of the Union. Mormon Stories Podcast. 3K views · May 31. Related Pages See All. CES Letter. 6,217 Followers · Nonprofit Organization. Pages Businesses Nonprofit Organization Mormon Stories Podcast Videos Native American Mormon Women and the Lamanite Myth.

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  1. For centuries, there have long been stories in the remote corners of North America that tell of a sort of lost or hidden group of native inhabitants. These legends, which attribute a variety of names to these beings, have occasionally described them as Indians without fire, in reference to their manlike, but mostly primitive lifestyle and mannerisms
  2. Daniele Bolelli tells fascinating stories of the early conflict with Native Americans
  3. Connie Walker, the CBC reporter who hosts Missing & Murdered, recently told me that she set out to make a history podcast about the systemic oppression of indigenous people in Canada, but she knew.
  4. Australian Aboriginal History - Podcast Series. As Reconciliation Week 2020 comes to a close, we recognise the key role education plays in reconciliation. The RHSV is passionate about the preservation and promotion of Victorian (and Australian) history, as we recognise how understanding the past is a vital step towards a reconciled future

With the release of the third update of the Deaths Inside database, Gabrielle Jackson talks to Lorena Allam and Mike Ticher about what needs to change so we are not having the same conversation in. Podcast - Founding of Indigenous Climate Action. In this episode, ICA's Executive Director, Eriel, speaks to the first meeting that led to the formation of Indigenous Climate Action. —- Eriel Tchekwie Deranger is a Dënesųłiné woman (ts'ékui), member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and mother of two, coming from a family of.

michael barbaro. From The New York Times, I'm Michael Barbaro. This is The Daily. When the remains of more than 200 children were recently found on the grounds of a boarding school in Canada, it. State of Nevada will be looking into many of these issues over the next several weeks and months with a new podcast series, Native Nevada. I hope that the public just takes it in and. Reclaiming our Indigenous European Roots by Lyla in Moon Magazine. Lyla on Facebook. Episode 27, Anti-Racist Genealogical Research (For Everyone) w/ Darla Antoine. Episode 26, Ancestral Reverence as Devotion to the Earth w/ Daniel Foor. My website MythicMedicine.love. Medicine Stories Patreon (podcast bonuses) The Medicine Stories Facebook. In his podcast A través del viento, he interviews young Mexican artists and academics rescuing native languages. This story was produced by Ado or Antonio Díaz Oliva, a Chilean writer and translator who lives in East Nashville. We'd love to know what you thought of this episode

Map: Time-lapse of American seizure of indigenous landSomeone Knows Something, CBC true-crime podcast, debutsAustralian Vintage Posters - The Design Files | Australia