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Neither Simply White nor White Dove are stark whites. Although Simply White has more yellow to it, White Dove has a little bit of depth and has a bit of yellow and grey. It is also more of a calming soft white, unlike the cleaner white of Simply White. Benjamin Moore Simply White Vs A bit more about Pure White Pure White is beautiful for cabinets if you are going for a 'white' kitchen. It won't be warm enough if you are looking for a softer, warmer white (in which case, you might check out Alabaster, which is coming up soon or one of these warm white paint colours

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  1. I'd pick whichever white leans a bit warmer rather than cooler, given your stained wood cabinets. As for cabinet hardware, I like to match the finishes of the plumbing fixtures with the handles/knobs. So if, for example, your faucet is a polished nickel, find cabinet hardware that is also polished nickel. Same for light fixtures, too
  2. Simply White Cabinets: via. Pure White OC-64. White Dove OC-17 Simply White OC-117 Pure White OC-64 Cloud White OC-130 Decorators White Int.Rm. Have a great weekend everyone! Laura Cox April 1, 2019 Comment. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 Reddit Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes
  3. 6. SHERWIN WILLIAMS PURE WHITE (SW7005) Pure White is a crisp white with just a little bit of warmth making it perfect for when you are looking for a true white that isn't blue/stark. This color is perfect for cabinets if you are going for a white kitchen. It's also great for walls and trim
  4. SW Pure White for a softer, gentler feel that's good in bright natural light or lower natural light. 2. Keep trim simple. Paint your trim untinted white . Yep that's right - you don't need to fuss over what white to paint your trim 99% of the time - untinted will be a nice crisp white that pops against the wall colour
  5. Simply White. Simply White is brighter and slightly more clean and fresh looking than Cloud White and significantly brighter than White Dove (shown below). It will generally look like white until it's compared with stark white (like a solid white paper), it's via comparison that you'll see its undertones rise up. Simply White on Doors and.
  6. Pure White by Sherwin-Williams I love Sherwin Williams because they are very user-friendly and they provide large swatches to designers — not all companies do that, Harmony Weihs of Design Harmony says. One of her go-to whites is the company's Pure White. She used it on these cabinets in this kitchen
  7. g of Simply White cabinets or looking for the perfect warm white for your walls, here are some real-life kitchens that embraced the hue! 1.) @somuchbetterwithage. Every wall, cabinet, trim, ceiling, and even the doors in Jamie's beautiful house is painted Simply White. This bright, cal
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Simply White combines the brightness of a colour like Chantilly Lace and the warmth of the Cloud White, into a fresh, yet warm shade of white. Formerly, Simply White has often been used for trims and millwork, however, the warm yellow undertone of this colour makes it a great choice for an inviting wall colour as well. The Simply White can pair. 'Simply White' is not a true white. Because of it's pale yellow undertones it is a very warm white. If you are looking for a true, standard pure white do not choose this one. However, if you are look for an off-white that gives off a lot of warmth this is good choice (no harsh, hospital vibes with this white)

Best Paint Matches: SW 7757 High Reflective White OR Behr 1850 Ultra Pure White Simply White (BM OC-117) Simply White is a versatile and iconic soft white paint color with just a little bit of warmth, and looks great just about anywhere. Use it in a monochromatic paint palette or consider it for cabinets or trim The Best White Paint Color. Simply White by Benjamin Moore is hands down my favourite go-to white paint. When my house was getting renovated, I did lots of research on some of the most popular white paints out there and bought a bunch of samples

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BM Simply White. Simply White by Benjamin Moore is one of our go-to white paints for kitchens. It hits the perfect sweet spot- not too cool, not too warm. If white cabinets are what you're after, this is the color we recommend. SW Eider White. Eider White by Sherwin Williams is a white that works well with grays, but it's not too cold either Just bought a home and chose to have the kitchen cabinets painted Simply White based of a million and one pictures on Pinterest and Houzz. They turned out a mixture of the most perfect white, some creamy yellow color, and even light tan in some areas. Simply White has been my $2k bust For an antique white, I definitely recommend Benjamin Moore's White Down (OC-131) as it is warm and mellow without looking yellow. It feels very natural but still appears white. This is a great colour for kitchen cabinets if you do not have white appliances and you wish for your space to feel a little more relaxed overall

Benjamin Moore Simply White Color Review (OC-117) Benjamin Moore Simply White is a magical crisp off-white and was Benjamin Moore's 2016 color of the year. We use this color all the time and it is beautiful. According to the rules of whites, you should never use such a light paint color in a dimly lit room, but somehow it shines like a beacon Decorator's White is probably too white for what you are looking for. I would point you to Benjamin Moore Simply White. Close to Decorator's White but just a slight hint of warmth. Simply White is a great bridge white to use when complimenting other whites. Hope that helps! 🙊
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Simply white was a perfect choice for my wall color with furnishings and hard finishes. Sounds great until you get to the open concept kitchen where everything is STARK white. Pure white counter tops, cabinets and backsplash. So in this case my perfect white kitchen still bothers me because it feels like it should be in a different house Pure White is my go-to shade for trim in my own homes, though I've also used Simply White. I love Pure White on trim, cabinets and exteriors, and also find that it does well on walls when you want a stark white look that doesn't lean blue at all Also take a look at my kitchen eat-in area {here} where you can get another peek at Cloud White on the walls!. 4. Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White (CC-20, OC-149) Decorators White is a fairly pure white but with a touch of gray that softens it and makes it a perfect choice for cabinets and trim The cabinets are painted the same crisp white (Pure White (SW7005) by Sherwin-Williams) that coats as the wall and vaulted ceiling. A ceramic subway-tile backsplash and sleek marble countertops complete the monochromatic look. Greenery adds a splash of color around the sink. Easy-to-access open shelving holds everyday basics, cookbooks, and.

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Similarly, this kitchen has Sherwin Williams Pure White painted cabinetry.. Katie, over at The Everest Place, made this room stunning with the contrast of black drawer pulls, range hood and gooseneck lights.. Emphasized in her kitchen is the classic black and white look. DOVER WHITE PAINTED CABINETS. Kayla Payne has her Kitchen Cabinets in Sherwin Williams Dover White White Dove Benjamin Moore. This popular paint color is a soft warm white with a touch of gray. It's perfect not only for kitchen cabinets but on walls, ceilings and trim. Decorpad - BM White Dove Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Photography and Design by Studio Mcgee. As far as off-whites go, this creamy option reigns supreme. Shea McGee used the warm color on the cabinets and the walls in this space, opting for equally airy bleached white oak for the kitchen door and island base. Swiss Coffee, Benjamin Moore Use Benjamin Moore Simply White paint to transform your kitchen with just a little time and effort. You will love this budget friendly makeover for years! Oh y'all!! I can't believe this day has finally arrived! My kitchen cabinets are white! Cue the angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus, because this girl is happy, happy, happy

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Simply White on the trim, door and ceiling is brightened up enough that it's just the right shade of white to enhance that wall color (Sherwin Williams Sea Salt). See how the white is still crisp but not too bright and Simply White has that neutral-ish undertone that in natural light looks like a true white The color review today is Benjamin Moore White Dove vs. Benjamin Moore Simply White. I'm going to show you how they are different from one another, explain why it's critical to always compare these paint colors to other colors, and I'm going to give you 3 tips you should know. Picking the right interior white color for your trims, walls.

paint walls a warm, yellow white such as Antique Yellow or Antique Yellow, or go to a white such as Cotton Balls. or Simply White. Previor answer suggests Simply White but I don't know if it would be to much of contrast with cabinets and adjoining wall of ochre. Thank you! my computer keys are getting worn out with the searching!!! Nanc There are bright, warm, and cool whites so the first step would be deciding which way you want your room to feel. The cooler whites have a blue or grey base and the warmer whites have more of a red or yellow based hue. The bright whites are as pure a white as you can get. Deciding on a warm or cool white with narrow down the options significantly SIMPLY WHITE OC-117 BY BENJAMIN MOORE This is a good white for walls and cabinets. It goes great with warm or cool colors. — Kristen Thomas of Studio Thomas. WHITE DOVE OC-17 BY BENJAMIN MOORE It's a great neutral white that doesn't pull yellow, pink or gray. We recently used it on a residential project in Aspen and in Arizona in a. Behr Silky White. Silky White is a true white but not a stark white. This is also a great white for cabinets, walls, and trim.all at once in the same roomjust change up the sheen for each. Silky White also looks great against Behr's Ultra White as the trim color (more on this color soon). Image Via List In Progress . Behr Polar Bear >

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  1. Moore Simply White OC-117. This is a clean modern white that works well with grays. It has a real clean feeling to it. It has a warmer undertone to it without being yellow. The name says it all, simply white. Snowbound. Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW7004. Snowbound is a neutral white with a slight grey undertone, meaning.
  2. We already have Simply White trim in a bunch of other rooms, but would be fine with White Oak cabinets and Simply White trim (I think!). I guess the debate is: Simply White trim, Simply White cabinets, White Dove walls OR Simply White trim, White Dove cabinets, Pale Oak walls OR Simply White trim, Simply White cabinets, Pale Oak walls
  3. Pure White vs Extra White. Sherwin Williams Extra White is slightly lighter than Pure White, with an LRV of 86 compared to Pure White's LRV of 84. Pure White works well with cabinets, trim, walls, and ceilings, and it can work well with cool or warm colors. Extra White reads cooler and sharper than Pure White does
  4. White paint in a home will give rooms a bright, airy feel. White paint typically goes toward cool tones, warm tones, and occasionally you can find a true neutral white. A warmer white will make a space feel cozy, and cool tones will make a small space feel larger. If you are looking for a true neutral shade of white try SW Pure White
  5. Moore: This color is my go-to white paint color. It adorns my kitchen cabinets, board & batten treatment in my living room and my guest bedroom walls. I didn't paint the trim in my home, but it's a close match. I LOVE this color
  6. g. Selecting a white paint can be even more intimidating because there are literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of options to choose from. Honestly, it can be one of the hardest 'colors' to choose from SO, I've narrowed the vast amount of choices down to 10 white paint colors that designers love and use on repeat (because the.

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After - Sherwin Williams' Pure White and Cityscape. Back in the kitchen, the homeowners opted for Sherwin Williams' Pure White (SW 7005) and Cityscape (SW 7067) for the kitchen cabinets and island. The island color came about after we first painted it in Coventry Gray. We thought that Coventry Gray would be a good fit for the space, but. 2. Simply White Benjamin Moore - It's not a true white, but in a home with lots of natural light it looks bright and crisp. It's a great option for those who want an almost true white look who have an abundance of natural light. Below is an example of kitchen cabinets and trim painted Simply White by Studio McGee. 3

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  1. Moore Simply White. I've been slowly painting every single speck of trim in our.
  2. Pure White is the white we used in our master bedroom. I was looking for a very cool white to go in the space to play off of all the natural light that pours in. I have noticed that this white tends to have a very slight yellow hue when using indoor lighting. It's a timeless white that would make a great addition to any home
  3. 3) Do kitchen cabinets and trim in Simply White with walls all done in White Dove I love how these two work together but for some reason, I am scared of using so much Simply white My floors are medium, rustic hardwood, and hardware will be champagne bronze
  4. Our house exterior is painted Simply White and I know the color well. It may be what is going to make this hard because it is a warmer white and will fight with other warmer whites. Our kitchen cabinets and the trim and mountain peak white. Have you considered simply white for your cabinets
  5. Pastel cabinets OP, I too have been torn about the white versus wood cabinets for a long time, but I always come back to the white. Getting a great kitchen designer to redesign your space, and buying all wood cabinetry with a stained finish, in a universally popular door style like a recessed panel maple cabinet, would almost guaranty that your.
  6. Moore Simply White. We've used Simply White by Benja
  7. White Dove and Simply White. It has a bit more warmth to it than Benja

WARM White Cabinet Paint Colors. Dura Supreme's Classic White and Dove paints are two fantastic finish options in the warm white category. Warm whites typically have a creamy appearance, the more yellow tint added to the base, the creamier the white becomes. Both Classic White and Dove coordinate with almost any stain color that Dura Supreme Cabinetry offers Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117 Glidden Parchment White 60YY 83/062 (Home Depot and Walmart) The best way to distinguish between cool and warm whites is to hold paint chips side by side,. Kitchen Cabinets Deck Stains Living Well Pure White SW 7005, Drift of Mist SW 9166, Extra White SW 7006, & Gossamer Veil SW 9165. A Clean Slate for Creativity. There's nothing vanilla about white. In fact, we offer a range of whites that you can use to create a space that is quiet and understated or bold and striking Benjamin Moore Simply White is my go-to for a kitchen. It just feels right-not too cool, not too warm. Pro Tip: Simply White is not a true white. Because of it's pale yellow undertones it is a very warm white. If you are looking for a true, standard pure white paint color DO NOT choose this one 1 Choosing a White Paint For Trim and Baseboards and Interior Doors. 2 Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors. 3 Decorator's White. 4 Simply White. 5 Super White. 6 The Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors. 7 Pure White. 8 Extra White. 9 Sherwin Williams High Reflective White

In the world of design, there are trendy styles and there are timeless styles. Some colors, like crisp and clean white, are simply timeless. While white is a classic design choice, choosing the perfect white paint color is trickier than it seems. With that in mind we're rounding up 5 perfect whites we're loving right now. We're diving into some of the best white paint colors for both. Some think that white paint is just white paint... I wish. When I'm choosing white paint colors for others homes I often shock them when I bring in white options & they see how many great white paint colors there are. I LOVE white paint and I've found myself becoming pretty passionate about playing with different white paint colors in different spaces and on different pieces of furniture. In. Cotton Balls is a soft, warm, lovely, lovely white. Really beautiful for walls or trim with any other color. BM 2143-70 SIMPLY WHITE - The name says it all. However, it is a warm white, very close to Cotton Balls and a touch whiter than White Dove I might try simply white, although some say there's a bit of gray in that too, although just enough to neutralize the yellow and make it appear white. My husband now wants to stick with white ceiling, but of course there is no pure white and I don't want a blue white. So hoping that Simply White is bright enough

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Pure White is not creamy however it is still a soft white. Pure white only has a very small amount of yellow in it, giving it the tiniest amount of warmth. Both are great white paint colors for trim. Out the two colors Sherwin WIlliams Pure White is more on the white side. Sherwin Williams Alabaster 7008 vs Benjamin Moore Alabaster OC-12 BM WHITE DOVE VS SW PURE WHITE. Now let's compare Sherwin Williams Pure White and Ben Moore's White Dove. SW Pure White has an LRV of 84, which is a hair less than White Dove's LRV of 85.38. White Dove has more warmth and is a little softer than Pure White. Pure white being a bit closer to a true white Layering white and off-white paint colours creates a richly elegant look. Texture, as seen in the throws and pillows of this White Wisp OC-54-painted bedroom, are especially important in an all-white room. Window treatments provide another creative opportunity for white-on-white design Behr, Ultra White. If there's anyone who truly understands the ins and outs of decorating with white, it's interior designer-turned-HGTV superstar, Leanne Ford. Crisp and pure, Behr's Ultra White is best when used to amplify the character, texture, and structure of a space, and Ford's white-on-white office nook at her renovated. Our favorite white is Benjamin Moore's White Dove. Lately, we have noticed a lot of kitchens with a surprising mix of materials. For example the cabinets in the kitchen might be white but then there may be a bank of oak drawers, with an industrial mirrored backsplash—and interesting hardware

Behr Paint vs. Benjamin Moore Paint. Benjamin Moore is sold through owner-operated stores. The upside is these stores can offer significantly more informed advice than you can get at Home Depot. (The BM selection brochures are outstanding.) The downside is these stores have less room to offer price deals There is Pure White wainscoting in the guest bath, too. Master bathroom is SW Sea Salt with SW Storm Cloud toilet room, and Pure White ceilings/trim in there as well. My office is SW Functional Grey with Repose Grey cabinetry and SW Black Fox desk/countertops bc it is a HUGE space and I needed to cozy it up Featured Color: Greek Villa SW 7551. This week, I wanted to focus on one of the colors that is actually on the Color Wheel update Greek Villa SW 7551. Greek Villa is a beautiful and soft off-white color that transforms spaces into magazine-worthy sophisticated interiors. I would describe this color as a subtle creamy off-white that has a. SW Pure White is so timeless and flexible that you can practically use it anywhere in your home, offices, and even garages, etc.! Not particularly aligning to a certain style - Sherwin Williams Pure White is a great recommendation for Scandinavian, Modern, Contemporary, and Mid-Century Modern Interior design style Simply White - Benjamin Moore. Simply White (OC-117) has been one of my stand by paint colors for a long time now. It's not a true white, but has enough colorant in it that it works well in lots of kitchens. It's also a popular one for a lot of cabinet painters. Here it is in a kitchen from Wet Paint Professional Painters

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BFP #2 12/13/11. Missed M/C at 11w5d, measured 8w6d. D&C 2/1/12. Never in my arms, but always in my heart. We just got a Young America dresser and bookshelf in 'starlight' for our sons room. It s a very clean bright white. We have also have the Pottery Barn Kendall crib in the new 'simply white' Pure White, with an LRV of 84, is a little softer than Extra White, which has an LRV of 86. Pure White is also a touch warmer. Both make excellent trim colors, though, and can either blend well with your walls (for example: soft, Pure White trim with Alabaster walls) or provide a brighter contrast (for example, Extra White trim with Agreeable.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Simply White was named Benjamin Moore's color of the year in 2016 and for good reason. This appropriately named simple shade of white is warm without being too cream or yellow and is crisp without being too chalky or blue. If you're looking for a fail-proof shade of white, you can't go wrong with this. Using Simply White for architectural features in your home means that you'll want to also paint your trim in it as well. Kitchen cabinets, fireplaces, built-in shelving—all these features can be perfect in white. In this example, Simply White forms an accept wall against Benjamin Moore Enchanted 2070-50 Testing Different White Paint Colors: I tested 4 other different whites in our bedroom - Sherwin Williams Simply White , BM White Dove OC-17, BM Chantilly Lace OC-65 and Benjamin Moore Decorator's White CC-20. When I tested them in our master bedroom all of them (except Pure White) had blue or yellow undertones, which I didn't want

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  1. Moore Simply White on the white trim in this picture, and Cloud White on the walls. This is our nursery
  2. Whites. Alabaster (Sherwin Williams) - Our most requested color for cabinets! Snowbound (Sherwin Williams) Ivory Lace (Sherwin Williams) Simply White (Ben Moore) White Dove (Ben Moore) Silver Feather (PPG) Soft Chamois (Ben Moore) China White (Ben Moore
  3. Inside: How to choose the right white paint for walls, cabinets, or trim. I'll teach you the simple steps to choosing paint that will help you avoid getting the wrong color. Sometimes it's just a matter of choosing a white paint with a hint of grey or a hint of brown. I'll also share the best white paint colors to give you a starting point

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  1. Moore Simply White by Benja
  2. Moore Chantilly Lace is warmer than BM Pure White. In comparison, BM Pure White and Chantilly Lace are cooler that Simply White which has yellow undertones. Benja
  3. We have Simply White on our walls, with Decorator White on all of our trim, baseboards and doors. Seeing the two side by side, in the same light, at the same time of day really shows a difference. The Decorator White is more pure white, with less cooler undertones
  4. I'm partial to a soft white with a hint of blue/gray like Davis Perfection Semi-Gloss Paint 0600 Melting Glacier, which would be perfect for kitchen cabinets. The undertone is so subtle but complements other whites—such as white subway tile, marble or bright white trim—so nicely

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I love BM Simply White! and I'm painting all my baseboards - except it's in my own custom white. I bought Behr's Almond Cream and it was too white against my walls (BM Lenox Tan & BM Stone House), so I added a cup of the Lenox Tan, mixed it all up and it's a perfect contrast. Happy Monday! Thanks for the giveaway Kitchen cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117. Lighting: Visual Comfort CHC2164 Darlana Small 4 Light Lantern Pendant Gilded Iron. Counterstools: Abacus Counter Stool by Noir Furniture. Hardware: Atlas Homewares A818-CM Successi Bin Cup Pull, Champagne Finish. Faucets: Delta Cassidy Faucet in Champagne Bronze White Dove looks equally at home in a bedroom, kitchens, family roomyou name it! It's also a really great choice for a ceiling paint color! If you do end up using BM White Dove in your home, let me know! I'd love to see it. Benjamin Moore Simply White vs. White Dove. These are two are the most popular white paint colors In case any of you are considering a warm white for your kitchen cabinets, Studio McGee painted the cabinetry pictured below in Swiss Coffee Courtesy of Studio McGee As you can see, the creamy nature of Swiss Coffee becomes more apparent paired with the cooler tones of the marble backsplash and the cool grey of the stove Sherwin Williams Pure White. Sherwin Williams Pure White. Benjamin Moore Ballet White. Benjamin Moore Simply White - Customer finished kitchen updates: Countertops, backsplash, lighting and sink 2 Cabinet Girls offers Professional Cabinet Painting & Design Services 1600 Olive Chapel Rd., Suite 252, Apex, NC 27502.

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Clean slate on moving day. We'd tried white walls in the past, and weren't happy with the look. In our old homes—built in 1939 and 1960—they didn't look pleasingly simple, they looked unfinished.My previous white spaces looked blah, no matter how much texture or pattern I worked into the room Davis loves using White Dove and Simply White from Benjamin Moore on clients' cabinetry. In this Houston project, I love how the beige-y Anew Grey by Sherwin-Williams plays off pure white counters and subway tile to make this kitchen feel huge. 2 of 10 View All. 3 of 10. The simplicity of white cabinets allows a space to feel updated and. Best White Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams: In this post, I'll share 20 of the most popular white paint colors for your home including designer favorites that go anywhere! These white paint colors are perfect whether your style is modern farmhouse, traditional, transitional, or boho-chic and go lovely with a variety of paint colors

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One of the BEST white paint colors is undoubtedly Benjamin Moore Simply White. In this video review by Kylie M, you will learn all about:-Simply White vs Clo.. Saffron Avenue - Walls: BM China White. Lower cabinets: BM Revere Pewter . Trim & Upper cabinets: BM Simply White Revere Pewter vs Agreeable Gray. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray has a higher LRV than Revere Pewter, sitting at 60, which means it is a brighter color and reflects more light overall All my trim and the kitchen cabinets are Sherwin Williams pure white. I love it, because the walls are not the focal point - they are clean and lovely, but my furniture rugs, and accessories shine! Reply. Diane Henkler says: 07/02/2014 at 9:44 am. Hi Christy - It is the truth about there being so many whites. It is not a simple choice Simple White paint color SW 7021 by Sherwin-Williams. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Get design inspiration for painting projects 1. Benjamin Moore Simply White: Warmer true white. Simply White has a similar undertone as White Dove but tad lighter, meaning truer white. It's a very pretty white. 2. Benjamin Moore White Dove: Warmer White. White Dove has an elegant warmth to it that I love. It looks totally white out of the can but once it's on the wall, it takes on a.

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On a 0-100 scale, (with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white) White Dove has a Light Reflective Value of 85.38. Next to other popular white paint colors, White Dove has a slight yellow tint to it, however, when by itself, you only notice a soft white, free of all yellow undertones Prism White Premier Prism White (30YY 71/073) from Premier is a warm white with a hint of toasted almond, well suited to a kitchen like this one. Its neutral hue means it pairs beautifully with any other whites—from appliances to cabinets to trim. Master the art of all-white colour with these helpful tips and tricks for decorating with white I have pure white kitchen cabinets, trim and ceiling w/AG walls, white tile floor and white granite countertop w/Gray/black/brown flecking. I might paint my lower cabinets and or island. Looking at Naval, Still Water or Tempe Star

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Again Simply White looks gorgoeous! Not too creamy, not stark- just right! WHITE DOVE OC-17 B/M : It is one of those whites that again go with so many things: White Dove OC-17. Source. Source. White Dove is such a great white for cabinetry. It isn't too stark yet it isn't yellow. It still has a warmth to it LRVs range from 0-100, with 100 being pure white and 0 being absolute black. Benjamin Moore White Dove Undertones. White Dove has creamy, gray undertones. White Dove Paint Used On Cabinets and Cabinetry. Simply White also has more yellow undertones, where as compared to White Dove's gray undertones when looked at side by side

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Between slight variations in undertones and the need to take natural light into consideration, selecting the best white paint presents a particularly daunting challenge. The stakes are surprisingly high—after all, the wrong shade can make your space look as startlingly bright as a hospital hallway, but the right one can turn your house into a bright and happy home Navajo White is a beautiful, creamy white that is timeless and fresh. This color feels a little tricky because Benjamin Moore changed the color code of it a couple times through the years, so you'll see it noted as OC-95 or 947. Rest assured it's the same color. I panicked at the store when they asked me which one Sherwin Williams Pure White is a cooler shade of white with a bit more blue undertones. Alabaster is what I would consider a warm white; it's way more brown in its undertones than blue. It's not a cool color at all. But in regards to its undertones, they are very subtle. It has never once looked or felt brown to me White Dove image via. Simply White (2143-70) Benjamin Moore Simply White was picked as the color of the year in 2016.And for good reason. It's a great balance of warm and cool tones but leans towards warm with subtle yellow undertones Extra White is a crisp, clean white; It is a pure white, but if it has to pick a side it is slightly on the cool side; No creamy or warm undertones will show, even in rooms that face south; In a north facing rooms with dim light and little warm sunlight to reflect off the paint, Extra White could look cold and stark - even pulling slightly. Apr 20, 2014 - Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs. Dover White (Pure White below) Apr 20, 2014 - Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs. Dover White (Pure White below) Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures