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Call Our Experts To Install Hardwood Floors & Accessories. Exceptional Customer Service. We Have A Complete List Of Hardwood Floor Options For Your House Or Business Needs Your floors will look even pinker and your walls will look green, thanks to the slight green undertone in Revere Pewter. You'll run into this issue with carpets that have pink undertones, terracotta tiles and red cherry hardwood floors, just to name a few examples

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Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter with Yellow. Johns Creek, Georgia based interior designer J. Hirsch combines Revere Pewter paint colored walls with warm browns, beige and yellow tones. The yellow curtains and yellow floor rug really helps bring out the warm yellow tones incorporated in this gray paint, it gives this traditional living space a vintage feel We love revere pewter! We have just painted our hallway revere pewter with dove white board and batten. Our house is pretty open concept, so we are wondering how much to flow with it into other rooms. Our kitchen has dark cherry cabinets, light cream/brown/yellow backsplash tiles and granite is dark brown/cream with some black and yellow tones

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I know this is an old thread, but I just had Brazilian Cherry floors installed in my new construction house and they look wonderful. I'd suggest a grey to offset and highlight the warm tones of the wood. We used BM Revere Pewter in several of the rooms and BM Rockport Gray in the family room. Looks great in both We used Revere Pewter in our recent whole home painting project. It's a beautiful color and I absolutely love it, with a few exceptions. In a room with a lot of dark red wood (think Cherry or Mahogany), it can turn purple, as well as in dimly lit areas like basements, it just isn't as appealing Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. Revere Pewter is a lovely warm soft gray. Sounds contradictory, right? 2 hallways and kitchen/family room/eat in kitchen with cherry cabinetry and red oak floors that have aged to honeyed tones. The countertops in kitchen are a neutral laminate of dark brown, warm grey and tan. I was thinking of using.

Really love your posts. I am in the process of choosing wall colors for a large showroom with Brazilian cherry floor and dark expresso cabinets. The room has abundant LED and natural lights. However, the floor and cabinets are kind of dark in color. I am wondering between Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray from Benjamin Moore According to the Benjamin Moore website, Revere Pewter is a light gray paint with warm undertones . Don't worry, we'll talk more about undertones later 'cause they're super important! They also go on to say that it works particularly well for open floor plans. But Revere Pewter is much more than just gray

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter - One of the BEST warm gray paint colours! Partner Post to The Best Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colours. As you can imagine, most of the questions I'm asked revolve around the same paint colours time and time again. So, I've decided to start a new Colour Review series. This series will focus on one colour at a time, with the goal of giving you deeper insights. Revere Pewter has earned the reputation as the perfect greige. Because of its perfect balance of warm and cool, Revere Pewter complements most accent colors. To create a color scheme with a rich greige, you'll want to include one pale neutral. The beautiful thing about a warm gray like this is that you can choose trim and cabinetry color in a. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter: Looking to paint a room Revere Pewter and trying to decide if it's the right paint wall color for you?Here's everything you need to know about Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, its gray undertones, what it looks like in real rooms, and how it compares to similar gray and other greige paint colors, PLUS why it's the most popular pewter color

Oct 1, 2019 - Explore Marco's board Revere pewter kitchen on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter kitchen, revere pewter, painting kitchen cabinets Revere Pewter: Browse Ideas and Photos. Jeff McNamara This is an example of a mid-sized traditional galley dedicated laundry room in New York with white cabinets, a farmhouse sink, solid surface benchtops, ceramic floors, a side-by-side washer and dryer, grey floor, white benchtop, beaded inset cabinets and grey walls

the revere pewter cooled things down without taking all warmth out of the room - it's a color that really does go with everything and takes on the properties of the room it is in. BUT if you fear revere pewter may be too dark, try Edgecomb grey. My best friend is an interior designer in charleston sc and she got me hooked on both of these colors You can see that Revere Pewter has a lot more Deep Gold, which helps warm the color as well. Here are the two colors side by side, Revere Pewter is on the left and Agreeable Gray is on the right. Again, you can see that Revere Pewter is a little warmer. Bottom line, Agreeable Gray is a great neutral, but definitely has some taupe undertones. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter With Cherry Cabinets. Wall color to go with dark reddish wood color spotlight benjamin moore revere color spotlight benjamin moore revere help revere pewter in kitchen gone bad. The Best Light Gray Paint Colors For Walls Interior Designer Des Moines Jillian Lare Jul 16, 2017 - Explore Amy Schofield's board Kitchen cabinets revere pewter on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, kitchen cabinets, kitchen paint

Revere Pewter HC-172 This is a favorite because it does not have blue undertones and compliments our hardwood floors and dark cherry furniture. Thank you! Luciane from HomeBunch.com said, September 30th, 2015 at 3:22 am. Thank you so much, Leslie. I appreciate your kind words and you sharing your bedroom paint color with us All About Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter + 33 Real Homes That Use It. Revere Pewter, by Benjamin Moore, (AKA HC-172), is one of the most textbook examples of what is commonly called greige paint. Wildly popular, it is a shade that is truly revered (pun intended). *This post contains affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure policy. Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors in bedrooms, dens/libraries/offices, dining rooms, kitchens, entrances/foyers by elite interior designers I am considering revere pewter on the cabinets in our high rise apartment kitchen - it faces North but the north wall has10′ floor to ceiling windows so bright light. The other thing is that it has Brazilian cherry hardwood, low gloss Many people have older floors that are oak or maybe cherry and even kitchen cabinets of different wood colors and they are trying to coordinate a good paint color that will go with everything. Revere Pewter. Pale Oak. Classic Gray. How to Paint a Room

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I don't mind the natural honey gold color but it doesn't work at all with gray walls unless it has a slight blue undertone. My living room is BM Gray Owl and it looks nice and fresh with my floors. My foyer is painted BM Revere Pewter and it looks horrible with the natural honey color Revere Pewter. This light grey paint has a slight warmth to it, for those of you hoping to avoid the steely aloofness of some cooler greys. Revere Pewter looks its best with mid-tone hardwood floors and soft leather chairs. We recommend Revere Pewter for small spaces where darker colors would make the room look too small or confined A light to medium gray with warm undertones, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is considered a timeless and classic greige that works with any style of decor. It's a great transitional color that works well in an open floor plan. No doubt you have heard of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular and classic paint colors Revere Pewter is a designer and crowd favorite because it is just so versatile. It has warmth to it and is just the most perfect, airy gray! I think it's the most consistent grey in varying lights, which is a huge win. Consistency of a paint color, especially when you are trying to use a common paint color in your public spaces, is really. Agreeable Gray Vs Revere Pewter. Consider everything in your homeyour trim, your floors etc. My floors are Brazilian cherry (aka very red) and I knew I wanted a color just a tad cooler to play off the warm red tones of the floor. Is your trim bright white, or creamy white? Very cool gray colors might not play well with very warm white trim

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Avoid Revere Pewter with Pink or purple. This will bring out the green. In rooms with cream trim, it will bring out the green . Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC 27. Are you looking for a gray that is a soft and subtle, with a feather light feeling? Then check out Balboa Mist. This is a gray colour with soft taupe undertone Hi Ruth, I personally like warm toned paint colors with cherry floors. Also take note of what undertones are in your existing furniture, curtains, artwork, etc Some nice warm neutrals to try are: Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige, Revere Pewter, or Coastal Fog. Good luck Revere Pewter has a bit more beige in it than gray, but is a good neutral shade that can go in any room of the home. With an LRV of 55, I classify Revere Pewter as a light medium paint color. If you want to see if Revere Pewter will work in your space, get your Samplize square here. Check out a full color review of Revere Pewter here! Pale Oa ~Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Consider everything in your homeyour trim, your floors etc. My floors are Brazilian cherry (aka very red) and I knew I wanted a color just a tad cooler to play off the warm red tones of the floor. Is your trim bright white, or creamy white? Very cool gray colors might not play well with very warm white trim

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  1. Revere Pewter is a great color, for sure, and should be considered! We didn't include it in this project because we chose Classic Gray. Classic Gray is a lighter version of Revere Pewter in the same color family - grey with subtle green undertones. MICHELLE. Repl
  2. moore revere pewter cabinets what color cabinets with revere pewter walls revere pewter bathroom cabinets revere pewter kitchen with dark cabinets revere pewter kitchen with white cabinets benja
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Wood trim and floors can be beautiful, but picking paint colors that work with wood can be tricky. If you have cherry trim, floors or cabinets, that means that you have red in your space and a color like green on the wall may conflict. I tried Revere Pewter and it was too light, so I tried it at 150 percent and it just looks silver and. Kitchens - Brazilian Cherry Floor - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of Brazilian Cherry Floor in kitchens by elite interior designers. Join the DecorPad community and share photos, create a virtual library of inspiration photos, bounce off design ideas with fellow members REVERE PEWTER LRV: 55.51 LRV is light reflectance value (or how much light a certain color reflects.) The higher the number, the more light it reflects. Revere Pewter is pretty much in the middle at 55.51. It is darker than most of the colors I use in my house; but, that doesn't mean it isn't a fantastic color to use Even with cherry and teak wood tones, the room is still pretty neutral so you can go many directions with a paint color. My go to paint color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter-it goes with just about everything! The inspiration photo is Revere Pewter to help you get a sense of what the color looks like in a real space

Revere Pewter is a great mid-tone neutral to work with the granite and the existing wall color. I love it! Of course, we had to update the hardware in this process, and what a difference that made in this space. It really kicked up the wow factor, and made everything look finished Cherry Flooring Design Ideas Pictures Remodel And Decor Living Room Wood Floor Dining Room Colors Wood Doors White Trim. Color Spotlight Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint It Monday Dining Room Decor Traditional Dark Wood Trim Stained Wood Trim Cherry Cabinets With Quartz Countertops Revere Pewter With Cherry Cabinets Backsplash With Cherry Cabinets And Black Granite Backsplash Ideas For Black Granite Countertops And Maple Cabinets Cherry Wood Cabinets Kitchen. Find Kitchen Cherry Wood Floors stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and. Revere Pewter is one of my favorite warm gray paint colors. It is similar to Balboa Mist, but quite a bit darker and warmer (as evidenced by its LRVs compared below.) Revere Pewter is very similar to Edgecomb Gray above and has a lot of taupe in it, and much more brown than Balboa Mist. Both are lovely colors but have distinctly different looks

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is a neutral paint color that's been popular for years, and is still gaining popularity thanks to its wide versatility. Comparing the two colors side by side, you'll quickly see that Accessible Beige is much warmer than Revere Pewter, and it also has more of a beige tone, while Revere Pewter looks darker Apr 19, 2020 - Explore LeeAnn Dean's board Revere pewter kitchen on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter kitchen, revere pewter, painting cabinets Bing Cherry by Porter Paint. I showed this because of the light wood floors. Ross House Moss by Valspar (National Trust Historic paint collection). Once again, I love this color with the wood floors. Organizing Made Fun Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. *I scanned this one too, taken from the timeless neutrals pamphlet from BM. You.

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  1. Moore Warm Gray Paint Colors. This post is about my favorite Benja
  2. Revere Pewter; Tools to Help to Paint a Room Yourself. I've gathered some of the best tools for painting a room yourself. First of all, you'll want to check out this post I wrote: Painting a Room in 5 Easy Steps. These tools are the top tools I use when painting my own rooms, which is how they get painted 95% of the time
  3. Stonington Gray is similar to Revere Pewter but cooler with a stormy blue undertone. Compared to Revere Pewter, it feels more 'clean and cool gray'. It feels fresh but better for south facing rooms. Gray Owl is a light gray with super subtle undertones of blue and green. This is very popular and could work perfectly for you
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3. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172) LRV: 55.5. Revere Pewter was voted the #1 best greige paint color among readers and is a favorite of mine too. There's no one paint color that's a no fail color but Revere Pewter is as close as it gets, looking great in almost any space. A few years back when my sister called me in a panic that. Paint colors to go with wood floors - To discover the image more evidently in this article, you could click on the wanted image to watch the graphic in its original dimension or in full. An individual can also look at Paint Colors To Go With Wood Floors image gallery that all of us get prepared to discover the image you are interested in All of these grays work really well for rooms with lighter hardwood floors and for rooms with wood trim. If you prefer darker colored walls or just a little more pigment than these light grays, you can always use the third swatch down on the Sherwin-Williams paint strip or the fourth or fifth swatch on the Benjamin Moore strip (for the non HC colors)

Oct 15, 2018 - Explore Kelly Coffey's board revere pewter, followed by 239 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, home decor, interior Small Kitchen Remodels. A modern kitchen in warm colourway, with neutral mosaic tile splashback, wood panels flooring with a tint of warm honey tone, and a complete set of cherry cabinetry, occupying both floor and wall level. Tuscan Retreat ™ 2 Door Small Cabinet. Cool cottage style cabinet made of new and restored pine wood having a brown. Green Paint Colors 2020. Green Paint Colors 2020. Lot's of dark, elegant and muted green paint colors on trend right now! A green palette is one of our favs because green is a relaxing & earth loving colour. Green communicates harmony, balance & peace. Introducing it into an

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  1. Vintage runner in the kitchen, is it ok to use a vintage rug in the kitchen, farmhouse sink with black faucet, three lights above kitchen sink, woven blinds in the kitchen, black windows with white trim, andersen 400 series casement windows, is it ok to put hardwood in the kitchen, Carrara Marble Countertops, marble countertop island, revere pewter cabinets revere pewter kitchen cabinets white.
  2. Tip #3: Choose a Green-Gray. Landis Architects. Other paint colors that would look beautiful with honey oak wood trim are warm grays with green or bronze undertones. In bathrooms and bedrooms, blue-greens can also look lovely. Stay far away from any beiges with cool-pink undertones and grays with true blue or violet undertones
  3. revere pewter traditional bedroom master with beige walls and no fireplace dark wood floor bedroom (1 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5).
  4. Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 Source: Benja
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Accessible Beige and Revere Pewter This next paint color combination pairs Accessible Beige with Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter HC-172— two popular greiges. With pewter in its name, Revere Pewter is grayer than Accessible Beige. These colors are very similar. In fact, you may be scratching your head and wondering what the differences are Benjamin Moores revere pewter is a really pretty paint color to pair with. 4162016 Fantasy Brown granite countertop works incredibly with white warm white or beige cabinets. Choose beige ivory tan aquamarine icy blue pale yellow or seafoam green paint to lighten the kitchen. 8222020 Artisan-style incorporates rich wood cabinets rustic finishes.

Mar 31, 2017 - media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com 1200x cf 6e 65 cf6e65f08f296a64f946b971a842c9c9.jp FLOOR COATINGS COLOR SELECTOR. Color Tools. Learn About Paint Colors Pins to Palettes Color Discovery. PRODUCTS. INTERIORS. EXTERIORS. MORE PRODUCTS. INTERIOR PAINT & PRIMER. EXTERIOR PAINT & PRIMER. Wood Stains & Finishes Floor Coatings, Sealers & Prep Specialty Paints Decorative Finishes What I know now about considering the all-white look: • Our instincts were good: when choosing paint colors, the bones of the house are important. White walls highlight the architecture, so you need to like it. • Natural light is a must. Bright white rooms are lovely, but dim white rooms look institutional And a very light beigey floor with hints of grey. My backsplash is multiple colors of beige, orange, greyish blue etc stone. Here is my dilemma, the cabinets pop. I want to tone it down without having the walls glow blue or peach/pink. Revere Pewter and Agreeable gray look blue next to the cabinets at certain times of the day Jul 3, 2021 - Explore Pearl Cipriano's board Paint Colors on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, paint colors, paint colors for home

Oct 10, 2018 - Explore Lee's board Living Room on Pinterest. See more ideas about cherry wood floors, wainscoting styles, home diy Revere Pewter And Oak Living Room Wall Color Paint Colors For Paint Colors For Brazilian Cherry Floors Google Search Cherry Paint Colors That Go With Wood Floors - Different areas need various kinds of floors however basically they are somewhat comparable concerning the kind of it One of over 3,500 exclusive Benjamin Moore colors

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Oct 15, 2018 - Explore Kelly Coffey's board revere pewter, followed by 239 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, home decor, decor. Pinterest. Explore. Colors Kitchen Paint Colors Wall Paint Colors Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring Brazilian Cherry Floors Cherry Wood Cabinets Cherry Wood Floors White Cabinets Hi. I am having a hard time choosing a paint color for my Living room. I have Revere pewter in my kitchen and dining area. My couch is a linen fabric with linen and red colors (french country) and my grand piano is also in this room and is cherry wood. The cherry wood and red in my couch is making it difficult Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Bathroom. This cool picture collections about Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Bathroom are available to download. We collect this wonderful photo from the Internet and choose the best for you. So, if you want to get the beautiful wallpaper about Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Bathroom, just click save button to save this. The color picks up some of the purple tones in our faux slate floor. Art Studio: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter 75% strength. that works with either white or cherry stained trim, and will also work with either browns or grays in carpet and hardwoods. This is for a rental condo, so I need it to have a contemporary feel, but NOT. Revere Pewter is a light gray with warm undertones; this classic shade creates a comfortably sophisticated look that soothes and restores. I have finally found the color that I want to paint my open living areas and hallways, and it's the perfect gray

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Revere Pewter (HC-172) from Benjamin Moore is always at the top of the Best Neutral Paint Colors lists. According to Caroline Lizarraga, interior designer and decorative artist, My go-to neutral is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. I love using this color for several reasons. It is a warm gray and tends to look great with pops of color, black. MY GO-TO NEUTRAL PAINT COLORS // PART ONE. January 19, 2015. Here's an UPDATED blog post all about my favorite neutral paint colors - right this way! Selecting the right paint color for your space can be very tricky. It all depends on the amount of natural light, the floor color, other finishes/materials in the space and furniture I painted my dining room, foyer and upstairs hallway Revere Pewter. It looks a little bit blue on the first floor (similar to the photo) and it looks gregge on the second floor hallway which is more enclosed. It is the best selling gray at my paint store. We painted upstairs rooms adjacent to the Revere Pewter hallway Edgecomb Gray and Pale Oak

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I have put up Revere Pewter in a room with limited lighting, there is an adjacent hall with almost no natural light, I was thinking about carrying the Revere Pewter into the hall, but at full strength, it's too dark. The carpet will be replaced with natural oak wood floors. I was thinking of BM Monroe Bisque, as my main color and BM. Paint Color For Dark Wood Floors - However wood floor colors with yellow undertones look amazing with blue walls or yellow undertoned floors go perfect with purple or purple grey walls. Dark wood floors in the kitchen can be very chic. Here are some of my favorites. Green is the contrasting color to red so it s the natural choice to complement the rich tone of the cherry hardwood floor Cherry kitchen cabinets are rich, luxurious and serve as a timeless addition to any home remodel. With old-world style and many varieties to choose from, you can't go wrong with a classic cherry cabinet! Cherry cabinets have been a staple in rustic, traditional, and modern kitchen designs for many years. This highly popular hardwood is known for its unique aging process and stunning warm. Shop green leaf by mullican flooring 5-in revere pewter oak smooth/traditional engineered hardwood flooring (28-sq ft) in the hardwood flooring section of Lowes.co May 3, 2017 - Explore Denise Joshua's board Revere pewter paint on Pinterest. See more ideas about revere pewter, paint colors for home, house colors Good-looking New Orleans Revere Pewter Bathroom Beach Style Bathroom Regina Andrews Capiz Shell Orbit Pendant Drop In Tub Brizo Charlotte Faucet Oneself can do all designs of alternative components and seek the services of confident merchandise to mixture with accurate home furnishings elements to consist of an fascinating style and design. Some of you probably such as the antique physical.