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Home Forums > Misc Discussions: The purpose of BikeCAD Canadian mechanical engineer Brent Curry developed the program. BikeCAD was originally intended to allow custom frame builders to quickly design a bike and easily obtain the lengths and angles at which to cut the tubes, he told us. Over the years, BikeCAD has been enhanced to. * Bikecad is $350CAD (which is ~1:1 to the USD right now) * Alibre full blown 3D cad is $100 for the standard version (Pro is $500 which includes Algor FEA). Of course bikecad is easier to use up front, but if there were models for Alibre, you can do the same type 'spreadsheet' entry of dimensions and have everything pop into place like bikecad. Welcome to the BikeCAD.ca website. Here, you'll find tutorials on using BikeCAD Pro, a standalone application for bicycle frame builders and bicycle fit specialists that runs on a PC, a Mac or on Linux. BikeCAD can be used to design any diamond frame bike and control it through a comprehensive set of parametric input fields. bikecad. bikecad pro BikeCAD for the Web post your own custom version of BikeCAD on your web site. For help using these programs go to the FAQ or check out the BikeCAD forum at bikecad.ca . Below is an incomplete list of commercial builders, bike shops and bicycle fit specialists who use BikeCAD Pro

This bicycle model was contributed to the BikeCAD Design Archive. The Design Archive is a growing database of bicycle geometry that can be searched by brand, model, style, materials, size, model year as well as stack and reach I was recently asked to demonstrate how one might document a design in BikeCAD using specs from Retül. This is a common question, so I thought I would post my response here on the forum.The sample Retül session was for a 51mm Specialized Dolce. Before looking too closely at the Retül dimensions supplied, I figured I would model a Specialized Dolce based on the frame geometr Forums Gallery Staff Online Users More . Activity All Activity My Activity Streams View New Content Content I Started Search More . More. More . All Activity; Home . Bike Trials . Trials Chat . Bikecad Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Because #BikeCAD accounts for all three dimensions as we can see in the auxiliary views of the stays, BikeCAD has long been the only CAD tool many builders have needed to design and build their frames. However, there is still value in examining a design in a more immersive 3D environment. To that end, BikeCAD version 17 features an export to FreeCAD option accessible b Take a 100mm stem and a 420mm wide bar vs a 90mm stem and a 420mm wide bar. The longer stem + the bars has an effective steering lever length of 23.26 cm. The shorter stem + bars has an effective lever length of 22.85 cm. The difference is only 0.41 of the amount the stem was shortened by

1. Turning radius - if the fork crowns are wide and thick, you will probably need them to sit in front of the head tube a bit, so they don't hit. The down tube. This is going to make the suspension fork sit even farther out than a triple tree rigid, and may make your steering wierd. OR, you could kink your down tube, like your head tube › Road cycling forum When you have found the drawing you want to start with simply click on the green open in BikeCAD' tab, note as they correctly state it can take several minutes to load. Although the free version as you'd expect offers less than their Pro Version if you draw up your current bike you may find it of use For determining tube lengths, my mentor uses trigonometry and breaks down the entire frame design into triangles. My math sucks, I'm an English teacher by day, and what he's doing is WAY over my head. Apart from creating full-scale drawings (which I understand many are proponents of), there's got to be an easier way. I found references to some magical excel spreadsheet that contains the.

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BikeCAD Pro | Bicycle Design and Fitting Software. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select Forums. Tech Talks. Frame Building. WWTP003: The Design Redo. Jump to Latest Follow REVIEWS DEALS BIKESHOPS TRAILS. 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. jay_ntwr · Registered. Joined Feb 15, 2008 · 714 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 12, 2009. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy

According to BikeCad this should have given me a 5mm Tire to ST gap with a standard 25mm tire - Which should have been plenty. With a 25mm Conti 4000S (not series 2) on a Fulcrum Zero - which is a narrow rim the Tire Rubs Any shop guys here use BikeCad and try to recreate stock framesets to mock up fit for potential sales? I have a copy of BikeCad pro and use it a lot for custom stuff to communicate things to the fabricator-- but the difficulty I'm having recreating a stock bike has me losing faith in the accuracy of the values the program spits out. I'm trying to mock up a new 47cm BMC SLR01

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  1. I just had a new ti frame built and I can't get anything larger than a 23mm tire in the back and I can't really figure out why. In all fairness to the builder apparently they told that to my LBS - but they never passed that on to me (that I recall). I did give the builder a BikeCad file to build from so I can't really blame them - but where did I go wrong
  2. BikeCAD Free broken? I've tried everything in the forums, but I can't get it to work. I also have the exception list properly set and everything. Is anyone else unable to run it? Further question to actual users, could I do a crank forward design with it? Or, since I can't seem to make it work, and if it stays that way, would someone be willing.
  3. Bikecad.ca It is free, and works great. I use it frequently (and donate the developer some money from time to time because I find it a great tool). Last edited by fa63 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 6:28 pm, edited 1 time in total. Top. itsacarr Posts: 1009 Joined: Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:55 am
  4. I also tried using bikecad pro for layout: View attachment 778203 and it looks like I could do a direct mount 2x10 modeling a 36 and 30 chainrings, This is using the new Deda 29r chainstays. After the build out, it's not so good. Pretty much looks like a single chainring with spacers will be what it works
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  6. Top. T.M.H.N.E.T said: The 52 is only effectively 5mm smaller than a 54, could probably put a 90mm stem on that and never notice. Click to expand... sorry i meant the smaller size is 52.3 TT the size i normaly ride is 54 with a 90 and the next size up is a 54.7 so im tempted to go with the smaller size and a 100 stem maybe dependent on reach of.

Thanks for the reply, to answer the above I've just taken some pictures. I didn't realise I could attach images - doh. Most of the longer rides I do incorporate roughly 1500m-2000m of climbing, so a large part of the reason I am wanting to upgrade my bike is that I want to basically ride faster on the hills alongside doing some solid days out this summer, i.e. 200km rides Forums in other languages ↳ Forum français ↳ Forum in Deutsch ↳ Foro en Español ↳ Forum Italiano; ↳ 日本語フォーラム ↳ Форум на русском языке ↳ Forum po polsku ↳ Foro em Português ↳ Magyar fórum ↳ 中文论坛 / 中文論壇(简体 / 繁體 Posted: Jan 21, 2008 at 11:20 Quote: Hi everyone. does anyone know were i can get something similar to bikecad fs from bike forest. but one that i could design the frame as well and get the result.

Create a bike in Dirt Jumping & Stree ..and finding 36h rims can be a REAL PITA..I tried) I rebuilt my wheels with 26 Sun Ringle Rhino XL (36h) rims. And have Maxxis Holy Roller's 2.4 mounted. These wheels are also compatible with rim brakes should you go that route. I have Shimano BR-T4000 rim brakes on my electric.. CAD bicycle frame. Post. by cswoodruff » Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:26 am. I'm just playing around with FreeCAD to see if it would be useful for parametric bicycle frame design. I really want something that is reusable from one frame to the next without having to do a lot of work to fix all the tube lengths and angles if I want to change one thing

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I'm 5ft 11 1/2, and would ride a 56cm, I am relatively proportionate and ride with a saddle height of 761mm, I've composed a BikeCAD drawing with a slightly higher saddle height @770mm as you are a bit taller than me, I've also attached a 58cm as that would also be a consideration especially if you have need a higher saddle height, in the second drawing I've used a saddle height of 780m Rivendell has been selling their Atlantis since 2000 and until fairly recently, the model in my size (56cm) had 26 wheels. The only problem with that bike, for me, is that Grant split the difference between MTB bars and drop bars, on the top tube length. A 57cm effective-top-tube is just too short for me Using bikeforest/bikecad's handlebar from BB length (Y) you can calculate handlebar drop: handlebar drop = (saddle height) x sin (seat tube angle) - Y - (handlebar diameter/2) Example: Handlebar drop = 750.0mm x sin (73 degree) -630.6mm - (31.8mm/2) = 70.7mm NanoCAD is a free-to-use CAD software with both 2D and 3D design functionality. NanoCAD has an easy-to-use interface combined with complex options that allow power users to get the most of the software. Additionally, NanoCAD receives frequent updates and new features, keeping it competitive with other cutting-edge CAD software Hello! I am now completing my first frame build and really enjoying the whole process and want to get more serious about it. With that said, there are a number of pain points I have experienced (particularly in the design/mitering/jig areas) and would really like to accelerate things on my next build. Any help as to the order of tools to get the shop set up would be greatly appreciated

For my body dimension (long legs, short torso), my ideal headtube angle is 71 degrees for proper reach. I have a current road bike (700C, steel) which has a fork (Reynolds carbon) offset of 45mm. I find this combination to have a very quick and light steering, quicker than Trek 5200 . I will be.. BikeCAD Pro 8 BikeCAD Pro is a standalone application for bicycle framebuilders, shops and fit specialists. The software runs on any operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux. BikeCAD Pro is much like the free version, except it does not run inside a web browser and does not require an Internet connection

Tubemiter / Coping Calculator. as a newbie i thought i might start by adding a few useful links i found: Tubemiter / Coping Calculator for Apple Mac OS X: Download TubeMiter for Mac Free. Tubemiter / Coping Calculator web-based: Tube Coping Calculator. Hope this proves useful to someone down the line Basically, 80/20 is a system of interlocking parts for building frames, jigs, supports, etc. They bill it as the industrial erector set and that's basically what it is. Here's an example of one of the extrusions. This isn't too much of a shot in the dark. Many builders have made their own 80/20 jigs, and a few pro's have even made production.

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<br>Im very confident with other cad programs (solidworks etc) but couldnt quite decipher the wiki on the rattlecad site. What's more, you can change the diameter for the front and rear wheels, select the fork type, as well as configure the tube dimensions. Press J to jump to the feed. <br> <br>Help 43; Open Discussion 35; Help. It's a Surly Pacer fork and I've found the distance between the. Knowledge - One way or another, you need learn how this all works, and there is a ton to learn.This is why there are more than a few places where you can spend 2 weeks learning how to make a frame and fork. And of course, in this world of ours, there's YouTube, so you can check out some folks doing their thing on there.. Something to work off of - Really there are 2 options for this

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Bikecad, how does it work; Course Length 1 Day. IBFI Credits 40 . Location Flanders Bikevalley (+/- 50 minutes from Eindhoven Airport / +/- 120 minutes from Amsterdam Airport) / +/- 60 minutes from Brussels airport. Extra Конструктор велосипедов (BikeCAD) - Поехали! Туризм и спорт в Беларуси. Свободный сайт для планирования событий спортивной и туристической тематики. Здесь те, кто гоняет во всю мощь 80cc Chinese engine. HAPPY TIME 80cc ENGINE!! These little guys are sold in the millions all over China and the rest of the world. Mind you, this one has a few modded parts but the basic engines remain the same. These are small displacement 66cc (sold as 80cc) engines with no transmission except for a simple friction clutch plate This is a common question, so I thought I would post my response here on the forum.The sample Retül session was for a 51mm Specialized Dolce. Before looking too closely at the Retül dimensions supplied, I figured I would model a Specialized Dolce based on the frame geometry posted on the Specialized website.Below is the BikeCAD model I developed

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Evelyn Hill Cycling. Handlebar Mustache. Hill Killer Apparel. Kryptonite Locks & Lights. Nittany Mountain Works. Ortlieb. Philly Bike Expo Merchandise. PRIMAL: Riivo Custom Cycling Footwear Meet the industrious Brent Curry. Herbert Krabel Thu Aug 14 2014. Every now and then we feature thinkers and tinkerers on our site and Canadian Brent Curry clearly fits into that category. He is the man behind BikeCAD but also developed several unique bicycle related projects like a Couchbike, Treadmill Bike and a Hula Bike This is a one-time fee. As new updates of BikeCAD are released, all owners of BikeCAD Pro receive the new version at no extra charge. Many new features in BikeCAD are added at the request of the builders and fit specialists that use the software on a daily basis. In this regard, I consider the development of BikeCAD to be a collaborative effort Galpão da Bike, São Paulo. 1,445 likes · 2 talking about this · 179 were here. Espaço que reúne talentos para ampliar oportunidade e possibilidade de trabalho e renda, através de cursos de.. Blackett was introduced to the Calfee Sizer, a bike fully adjustable to the exact millimetre and angle. It's used to replicate the optimum frame geometry for each individual. BikeCAD software is.

Mar 11, 2017 - Check out this great homemade 4130 steel downhill hardtai fitter bikecad could be the, cad software built for motorcycle customization ironcad, what cad software should i use to design custom bikes, motorcycle chassis design and modification, why things are the way they are frame design revzilla, bicycle and motorcycle geometry wikipedia, what software can i us Framebuilders - Drafting, CADing, building - Has anyone used Alibre Design? Over a decade ago I purchased a full version for about $1200. Full 3d solid modeling, assembly modeling, etc. As a contractor, I model complete tilting vacuum trucks, patented carpet cleaning truck with intricate heat exchangers and designed m Forums. Rotorburn General. General MTB Discussion what cad software is best for a designing a bike BikeCAD pro is awesome. It is bike specific and it rocks! It's about $500 though You can buy it from bikeforest.com, which is also a cool site with weird assed home made bikes Forum Help; This topic has 226 replies, 32 voices, Mine had literally nothing happening until he got involved and did the bikecad detail / confirmed the rest of the spec with me. After that he.

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Try something in bikeCAD, then try to replicate that position on your bike somehow. And if anyone starts off with putting a plumbline from your knee to the pedal axle, stop the fitting session. BikeCAD concept drawing. Starting is often the hardest part. Knowing very little about frame geometry and even less about custom sizing, I started with emulating a tried and true design. For reference, I am 5'9″ (1.75m) and normally ride a 54cm road bike The Bicycle Forest :: BikeCAD . I hate you all j/k lol kthxbye! Save Share. Road Bike, Cycling Forums. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more!.

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2,055. 6. austin. Dec 10, 2007. #1. Front End Length: This is the theoretical horizontal distance (parallel to the ground) from between two vertical lines (perpendicular to the ground), one intersecting your BB and the other the top of your head tube. WHY ? Because it takes out the variables of both seat tube height and seat tube angle MTBR framebuiding forum is your friend. Read everything. Then read some more. Modelling a frame is a bit of a faff - use bikecad if you are in a hurry. The easiest way on Inventor is to use. The free version of BikeCAD is also good. Posted 4 years ago. stumpy01. Member. Ooooh, that looks interesting. Post in Forums • Post comments • Sell your stuff • Fewer Ads • Message. Community forum → GitHub Education Once you've got these measurments, download RattleCad which is a free, open source version of BikeCad. It is far from being perfect but it does the work for the frame ajustments and mitering: The mitering is particularly usefull as if you take care of printing these images without resizing,.

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UPDATED ::(I got a new version of the very ace BIKECAD which gave more accurate dimensions). 16in - 23in top tube, 73deg seat angle. reach = 390mm, stack = 576mm (140mm fork Forum; DIY Builders Section; New Builder Questions; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below BikeCAD is a free online Java-based app for designing bikes. It can also be used to explore how well any given frame geometry will suit a rider's specific fit Brazing is an alternative to tig welding that uses a material with a low melting point to join to tubes together, and in some cases no filler is needed. Either way it requires that the tubes have a very tight fit leaving little space to fill. This method can also be used to build lugged frames BikeCAD Pro-mediafire.torrent bit.ly/19UmEMJ MMORPG GAMES CHEATS, EXPLOIT E TRAINE I think this is the 4th/5th frame i built, about 18 months ago. Clears around 50c tyres, horizantal dropouts, relaxed geo. Size is about 54 square, will see if i can find the bikecad drawing somewhere. Comes with sugino messenger crankset, bb, headset and seat collar. Would like £30